Nikon’s new patent exposes stronger phase focus sensor

   Nikon is developing a more advanced phase focus sensor for the camera. It is understood that the new phase focus sensor will work synchronously with the camera sensor, and users will get clear and accurate photos after fast focusing.

patent picturepatent picture

   in fact Nikon is developing The new generation of phase focus sensors is also constantly developing hybrid focus sensors. The patent also mentions that this technology can be used for pixel dithering to generate higher resolution images.

patent picturepatent picture

   patent details:


   This patent provides a focus detection device and an imaging device that can accurately correct the defocus amount according to the spherical aberration of the imaging optical system.

The    focus detection device includes: a microlens array 161, in which a plurality of microlenses 161a are arranged; a plurality of photosensitive elements 162a, which can correspond to the microlenses one-to-one; The light of the lens; the calculation device 163, selects a pair from a plurality of photosensitive elements, receives and correlates with the aperture value of the lens, and calculates the optical system based on the output of the pair of photosensitive elements through the two rays of light in different areas The amount of image plane movement.

  Editor’s point:

   The speed and accuracy of focusing are important parameters of the camera. Nikon’s new patent means that Nikon’s new camera may make progress on these two parameters, regardless of Cameras that use phase focus or hybrid focus can benefit from this technology. At the same time, the technology of shaking pixels to generate high-resolution images has also been added to the patent. We believe that we may soon see Nikon cameras equipped with “shaking music” technology.

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