Or debut this week! Nikon Z6/Z7 will soon usher in new firmware

  Different from traditional SLR cameras, the electronic system occupies a more important position in mirrorless cameras. Many manufacturers who entered the field of full-frame mirrorless cameras for the first time realized this and began to spare no effort to obtain enhanced body performance through firmware updates . Nikon is no exception. In February of this year, it announced that it will provide new firmware for the full-frame mirrorless Z6 and Z7, bringing features including eye-controlled focus and ProResRAW video. Recently, foreign media revealed that Nikon may release new firmware on Tuesday, December 17.

Or debut this week! Nikon Z6/Z7 will soon usher in new firmware

  Nikon Z7

   In the previous firmware that has been pushed, Z6 and Z7 have achieved a good eye-controlled focusing experience. The more important ProResRAW video function is not yet available. The new firmware expected to be released on Tuesday will bring the long-awaited ProResRAW support. The camera will be able to output 4KUHD and Full HD RAW data streams, and the external recorder can record in a compatible RAW format. 12-bit rich colors will be obtained. In addition, it will also bring further updates to the camera’s autofocus function. And it is possible to bring support for CFExpress memory cards.

  Editor’s View

   has come out after thousands of calls, and finally Nikon has realized their promise at the end of 2019. The new firmware will greatly improve the performance of Z6 and Z7 in video , To further develop the performance of these two cameras, I believe it will be welcomed by more users.

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