Or debut this year, Canon will launch RF 85mm F2

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   Earlier, we exposed the patents of Canon’s new lens on the RF mount, including multiple non-L-class fixed focal lengths with f/1.8 and f/2 apertures. Lens. Recently, foreign media revealed that Canon’s lens release roadmap this year will include an RF85mmF2ISSTM lens.

Or debut this year, Canon will launch RF 85mm F2

  The picture is cash Canon RF85mmF1.2LUSM

   In addition, foreign media also said that Canon plans to launch a series of RF mounts, aperture value between F2 to F2.8 non-L-grade fixed focus lens, and the focal length It will cover from 18mm to 85mm.

  Editor’s point of view

   Obviously this series of non-L-grade lenses with a smaller aperture is still very necessary for RF mount fuselages. On the one hand, these lenses are cheaper , It is also more user-friendly, and will have certain advantages in volume and weight, and I believe its optical quality will be quite good.

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