Or for the new mirrorless Canon’s latest entry-level camera exposure

   Canon EOSM50 was released in February 2018. It is a mirrorless camera equipped with a 24.1 million pixel APS-C frame sensor. This mirrorless camera supports Canon’s full-pixel dual-core focusing system and uses DIGIC8 image processor Support 4K video recording. Recently, foreign media have exposed that Canon has registered a new model with related agencies, perhaps a successor to Canon M50.

Or for the new mirrorless Canon's latest entry-level camera exposure

  The picture is cash Canon EOSM50

   In the registration information, the code name of this camera is DS26821, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, and the battery model used is LP-E17. This battery is commonly found in entry-level models such as EOS800D, EOS200DII and EOSM5. So it is not difficult to guess that this new model is likely to correspond to an entry-level camera, and foreign media call this camera or Canon’s M5OMarkII. Because the Canon EOSM6MarkII released earlier is said to have replaced both EOSM6 and M5 in positioning.

  Editor’s point of view

   Since it is still in the registration stage, there are no specific parameters of this camera yet, but I have to mention that the Canon M50 model left us a lot The impression of the compact body with good performance, has a very good performance. We also expect this camera to have the same outstanding performance.

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