Or will debut in February next year, Fuji X100V price exposure

  The current Fuji X100F was released in February 2017. It is equipped with a 24 million pixel APS-C frame X-TransCMOSIII sensor and is matched with Fuji’s photoelectric hybrid viewfinder. It is a very personalized high-end portable camera. Earlier there has been news about the X100V, the successor to this camera, but recently foreign media exposed the time and price of the X100V.

Or will debut in February next year, Fuji X100V price exposure

  The picture is cash Fuji X100F

   It is reported that Fuji X100V will be unveiled in February 2020, and the expected price is approximately US$1,500, which is approximately RMB 10,560. This time, X100V may be replaced with the same 26 million pixel back-illuminated X-TransCMOSIV sensor and X-Processor4 image processing engine as X-Pro3. In addition, the X100V will still be equipped with a 23mmf/2 lens, equivalent to a 35mm focal length of 35mm, but the lens design will be modified to fit a higher-pixel sensor.

  Editor’s point of view

   Fuji X100V has made many users wait for a long time, and this update has greatly updated the sensor and lens, and also let us know about this camera. The performance is very much looking forward to.

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