Panasonic full-frame full-frame firmware update and lens lineup preview

   Panasonic will release the firmware update program for LUMIX S1R, S1H, S1 and S5 before the end of 2020:

Panasonic full-frame full-frame firmware update and lens lineup preview

  LUMIX S5: incorporates the essence of S series cameras in a lightweight body

   In order to further improve its performance, it is planned to update the firmware of LUMIX S5 before the end of 2020 . In addition to C4K video recording, it will also support the output of RAW video data to ATOMOS NINJAV at a resolution of 5.9K via HDMI. 29.97p/25p, 4K59.94p/50p and deformation 3.5K/50p. A variety of video recording auxiliary functions, such as vectorscope display, main base adjustment and SS/gain operation will also be available. L.MonochromeS and L.ClassicNeo are new options added for “Photo Style”.

  LUMIX S1R / S1 / S1H:

  The new firmware enables S1R to record 5K video, thus making full use of its high-resolution image sensor.

   In addition, LUMIX’s latest autofocus technology and the performance of the new LUMIX S5 will also be available on S1R, S1H and S1. The upgraded autofocus is particularly good at detecting people and their movements. In addition to the eyes, face, and body, the head is also individually identified by real-time detection technology to provide more precise focus. Even if the TA moves quickly, turns the TA back to the camera, tilts the TA’s head or moves away from the camera, the camera will keep track. On the other hand, improvements to DFD technology enhance AFC, which also enables users to track small or fast-moving objects to capture them clearly. Users can take advantage of these advantages in photo shooting and video recording.

   Panasonic is further committed to technological development, and its achievements are not only applicable to new products, but also to products that have been released through firmware updates.

   Panasonic also released many L-mount lenses. In addition to the original 2060mm set lens, we are developing a variety of more practical lenses, including telephoto zoom lenses and a variety of large aperture fixed focus The lens can provide support for creators in various scenes. As shown in the figure:

Panasonic full-frame full-frame firmware update and lens lineup preview

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