People-friendly travel lens Tamron announces patent for 24-120mm F4

  The well-known lens manufacturer Tamron announced a new lens patent in Japan this week. It is reported that the new patent code is JP 2019-124884. The lens has specifications of 24-120mm F4 and is suitable for full-frame SLR cameras. For the time being, only Canon EF and Nikon F mount versions are available.

Tenglong 24-120mm F4 lens patentTenglong 24-120mm F4 Lens patent

   Tamron’s large zoom ratio lens is very much, in addition to 16-300mm, 18-200mm, and even 18-400mm such as 20x or more optical zoom products, wide-angle + telephoto configuration, can simultaneously Meet a variety of different shooting scenarios. The new lens registered by Tamron this time is the 24-120mm F4 specification that we are very familiar with. The 5x optical zoom has good practicability, while the constant F4 aperture guarantees relatively higher lens quality at a reasonable price. Better portability.

For the full-frame mirrorless system, Tamron’s new lens is mainly portability For the full-frame mirrorless system, Tamron’s new lens focuses on portability

  , but from the perspective of patent information, this time Tamron’s new lens is only available in SLR version for the time being, and mirrorless players may not be able to use it for a while. On the one hand, Tamron has always attached great importance to the SLR lens market, and the number of Tamron lenses on the market has always been high; on the other hand, Tamron has previously launched a series of high-performance and light enough mirrorless lenses, leaving users to choose There are already many.

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