Polaroid made a film camera for the Mandalorian

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   Polaroid stated in its announcement today that it has produced an instant film camera for the Mandalorian, based on the company’s release earlier this year ” Polaroid Now” model, but inspired by Mandalorian armor in color and texture. The $120 The Mandalorian Polaroid Now camera uses i-shaped film inspired by baby Yoda.

   This limited-edition camera does not have the usual white frame, but uses a color frame inspired by the show’s palette, and features the characters and symbols in the series. The price of Mandalorian i-type color film is $18, and you can also buy a pack of film and a camera for $170.

  Now camera is a stable point-shooting Polaroid camera in other respects, and its autofocus lens can be switched to portrait or distant view photos. It also has a more precise flash that can be adjusted according to the lighting conditions to obtain better low-light effects. In addition, the front Selfie button can be used for double exposure. The LED counter on the back lets you know how many sheets of the company’s i-Type film are left.

   This special-edition camera and i-Type film coincided with the new season “Mandala Man”, which will be broadcast on Disney Plus next month.

Polaroid made a film camera for the MandalorianPolaroid made a film camera for the Mandalorian

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