Positioning high-end Canon EOS M new model will be released

  According to relevant overseas media reports, Canon may launch a new EOS M body in the near future, or use an APS-C format CMOS sensor. There is still controversy about the specific name of this new machine.

Positioning high-end Canon EOS M new model will be released

  The picture is Canon EOS M50

  The new model information that has been disclosed so far:

  1, pixel: 32.5 million pixels

  2, sensor type: or APS-C

  3, processor: a new generation of DIGIC X

  4, viewfinder: electronic viewfinder

  5. Focus: Dual-core pixel autofocus

  6: Card slot: Dual SD card slot

  7, continuous shooting: 12fps

  8, video shooting: or UHD 4K/60p; Full HD 1080P/120p


  9. Features: Support CLog

   There are different opinions about the name of this model: EOS M50 Mark II or EOS M7 are possible. For more news about this new model, ZOL will continue to pay attention.

  Editor’s comment:

   Judging from the disclosed specifications, the overall configuration is quite high. I believe that this is a model that is positioned higher than the M50 and M6 Mark II. I believe that after the official release of this model, it will have an impact on the APS-C format micro-single field.

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