Profoto enters the field of mobile photography, releases two B10 series of mobile phone lamps

   Sina Digital News On the morning of July 8th, the well-known photography lighting brand Profoto today launched the B10 flash series, which are lamps used for mobile photography. They try to bring professional flash into the field of smartphone photography.

Profoto enters the field of mobile photography, releases two B10 series of mobile phone lamps

   Profoto B10 series have B10 and B10 Plus two products, they are different in flash power and battery life parameters. The shape and size are similar to the camera lens, with a built-in battery; the official claims that the B10 Plus flash is ten times more powerful than the hot shoe lamp, and the B10 is 5 times more powerful; they have a constant light with adjustable brightness and color temperature; the B10 series is equipped with a camera tripod and On the light stand, it is compatible with most smartphones and can be connected with the Profoto app. At the same time, it is compatible with 120+ Profoto light shaping tools including OCF series; it is also compatible with all Profoto Air wireless remote flash triggers including Profoto A1/A1X.

   The camera function of smart phones has made great progress in recent years, but there has been no substantial progress in flash. One of the reasons is that the lamps cannot be installed in the phone and require a large power consumption. In addition, the synchronization of mobile phones and external lamps is also a problem. Profoto wants to solve these problems. They became the first company in the world to bring professional flash functions to smartphones. Its unique “Profoto AirX” technology is the key to connecting a mobile device with an off-camera flash. If you want to flash synchronously with a mobile device, the flash must meet the appropriate trigger timing and proper duration. Through Bluetooth synchronization, users can take photos in the shortest 1/25000 second exposure time, and can let the flash tube output at full light rate.

   Starting today, Profoto B10 series flashes support connection with iPhone smartphones. B10 series product users can upgrade the firmware for free and get all the functions of professional flashes for their smartphones by connecting to the Profoto app. This app It can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

   With the B10 series, photographers can use their mobile phones to take pictures under complex light conditions such as strong sunlight. Profoto hopes to use these two products to promote the transformation of professional photography.

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