Sharp will release a new 8K M4/3 camera

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   At least on paper, Sharp is actually the first company to announce the launch of an 8K mirrorless camera. The problem is… they haven’t started producing it yet:)

Sharp will release a new 8K M4/3 camera

  三天Previously, DClife noticed that Sharp had added a new 8K M4/3 camera on their website. Last time we heard of this camera at the CES show, the manager of Sharp said that the camera will be launched at the end of 2020.

  8K 30p

  4k 60p

  5.5-inch touch screen

  Full-size HDMi

  Mini XLR input

  Headphones and audio jack

  The price is less than US$4,000

   It is great to see Sharp keep the vitality of the M4/3 system and keep moving forward!

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