Simply can not stop! Sony’s two large aperture GM fixed focus heads are coming?

  According to industry sources, Sony will release new products in October/November, including two “super-large aperture” GM fixed focus lenses. The lens was originally scheduled to be released in late summer, but it was postponed to fall due to various reasons.

Simply can not stop! Sony's two large aperture GM fixed focus heads are coming?

   Gold, Nine, Silver, Ten, major camera manufacturers are currently making efforts in the last quarter of this year, with new products one after another. Sony has been committed to the development of the E-mount lens camp. As early as 2019, Sony released the new G master lens FE 135mm F1.8 GM, which received a good response. How can the legendary “super-large aperture” GM prime lens break the “new record” in the development direction of the light and portable mirrorless lens? Let’s wait and see.

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