Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

   On July 16, Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera. Crossed the half-billion-pixel mark. However, the 47.3 million pixel S1R camera released by Panasonic in early February of this year has not maintained the high pixel record of the full-frame mirrorless camera. I believe that in the next year or two, Canon, Nikon, Sigma, etc. will basically launch high-pixel full-frame mirrorless cameras, but it can be said that the Sony A7R4 camera is more like a benchmark for full-frame mirrorless cameras with high pixels. Let’s follow DPReview to take a look at the Sony A7R4 camera what we need to know before buying.

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera


   Sony A7R4 camera is Sony The fourth-generation high-pixel full-frame mirrorless camera, this camera is equipped with 61 million pixel back-illuminated CMOS, this is the first time Sony has updated the A7R series image sensor since 2015. It is reported that this image sensor has 567 phase detection auto focus points, covering 99.7% vertical * 74% horizontal area of ​​the sensor.

   In addition, the Sony A7R4 camera is equipped with the same front-end LSI and BIONZ X image processor as the Sony A7R3. Sony said that it has long known that Sony Semiconductor will manufacture a 61-megapixel image sensor, so it can design a matching processing chip several years in advance. The higher resolution of the Sony A7R4 also means that the camera still has 26.2 million pixels even in APS-C crop mode. In the APS-C crop mode, there are a total of 325 phase detection AF points covering almost 100% of the shooting area.

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

  Autofocus performance improvement

  Sony A7R3 camera, A7R4 has more AF points. In addition, Sony has also added an improved tracking focus mode for the A7R4. Whether it is 10 frames per second high-speed continuous shooting mode or the eyes, face and other subjects in the video shooting mode, the Sony A7R4 camera can automatically follow the focus when the shutter is half-pressed. This shooting function is not only suitable for shooting people, but also for shooting animals. As a professional camera, the current Sony A7R4 can hide the auto focus area mode that users don’t often use in the menu options.

   In some small aspects, Sony A7R4 has also made very useful improvements. Among them, the AF point display of the Sony A7R4 camera can be white or red. The color of the AF point of the previous models is gray with a low degree of discrimination. In addition, in the newly added focus priority mode, the camera captures the focus point when the lens aperture is fully opened. This shooting mode is quite practical in low light and small aperture shooting conditions. However, the focus priority mode also has certain drawbacks, that is, the shutter time lag is slightly increased in this mode, mainly because the aperture has to be contracted according to the setting when the shutter is fully pressed to complete the shooting.

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

  Pixel shift multiple shooting mode

  Sony The pixel shift multiple shooting mode of the A7R4 camera is improved from that of the A7R3. In this mode, the Sony A7R4 accurately shifts the image sensor with 1 or 0.5 pixels, and takes 16 pictures with 963.2 million pixels of data, and finally synthesizes 240 million ultra-high-pixel composite pictures. In addition, the Sony A7R4 also provides a simpler and faster quad shooting mode similar to the A7R3. The above two high-pixel modes all use electronic shutters and require the Imaging Edge post-production software for synthesis, so users cannot directly preview the final ultra-high-pixel pictures in the machine.

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

   Ergonomic design changes

   in In terms of overall experience, the Sony A7R4 camera has a higher-resolution electronic viewfinder. This 5.76 million dot viewfinder is similar to the electronic viewfinders used by other cameras on the market, such as the Panasonic S1/S1R. In addition, as with Sony’s previous models, users need to choose resolution priority or refresh rate priority when using the A7R4 camera to match the needs of different shooting scenes. Sony also made some ergonomic improvements in the following details, including a more gripping deep groove handle, a redesigned rear dial on the top of the camera, and a more feedback AF-ON button and control joystick . In addition, the Sony A7R4 camera’s exposure compensation dial has added a locking device to prevent users from accidentally touching it.

   Same as the Sony A7R3, the A7R4 camera uses a dual SD card slot design, but now both card slots support UHS-II. The Sony A7R4 camera also has a USB-C port, which users can use to charge or connect to a computer. In addition, the Sony A7R4 is also the first Sony mirrorless camera that supports digital audio input, which is mainly implemented by the latest version of the Multi-Interface hot shoe. Up to now, Sony A7R4 can record digital audio signals through an external ECM-B1M gun microphone and XLR-K3M microphone adapter.

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

  body structure design change

   Sony Although the A7R4 camera uses a magnesium alloy material similar to that of the A7R3, the new camera has better dust and splash resistance. In addition, the battery compartment cover and card slot cover of the Sony A7R4 camera are equipped with sealing rings to effectively prevent the intrusion of water droplets. The port rubber cover of the Sony A7R4 has also been redesigned. The external port and the rubber cover are more closely fitted. The design is somewhat similar to the labyrinth waterproof.

  The Sony A7R4 camera also uses the same NP-FZ100 battery as the previous model. In the case of using the electronic viewfinder to shoot, Sony A7R4 battery life can reach 530. When using the LCD screen for viewfinder, the A7R4 battery life can reach 670 frames. Of course, the above endurance standards are only theoretical data. In actual shooting, it is quite common to use a fully charged NP-FZ100 battery to shoot about 1000 shots.

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

  Video shooting ability

   In the video shooting On the one hand, the Sony A7R4 camera has not made much change. Among them, in the Super 35mm mode, the Sony A7R4 can read and supersample 6K video materials with full pixels, and finally generate 4K materials. But unfortunately, the Super 35mm mode has 1.6* cropping when shooting 24p material, and 1.8* cropping when shooting 30p material, which more or less affects the shooting angle and picture quality.

   In addition, the Sony A7R4 still does not have the ability to capture 4K 60p video, and the camera can still only shoot 8-bit video. At present, most competing cameras in the camera market provide 10-bit video shooting and output capabilities, and 10-bit material can provide a relatively large adjustment space for post-processing. It is really strange that Sony A7R4 does not adopt this standard.

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

   Which designs have not changed

   in the menu In terms of design, the Sony A7R4 has almost no essential improvements, and more often users still need their own memory to familiarize themselves with the menu options. Same as the previous model, users can add the setting options they use frequently to the “My Menu” of the Sony A7R4 camera. Of course, the Sony A7R4’s menu also has improvements. Among them, the Sony A7R4 camera video and picture shooting modes have two different Fn menu designs, but the Fn menu still does not support touch adjustment.

   In terms of RAW format picture settings, Sony A7R4 has 14-bit uncompressed RAW and lossy compressed RAW options, but it still does not have lossless and visually lossless compression options. In addition, the Sony A7R4 camera does not have the in-camera processing function of RAW format pictures that most competing products have.

Sony released a 61-megapixel A7R4 full-frame mirrorless camera

  Talk about the future

  Total come In other words, the many changes made by the Sony A7R4 camera are expected to continue in the design of Sony’s subsequent models. As for Sony’s A7R4’s “persistence” on 8-bit video, perhaps Sony does not want the A7R4 to have a functional crossover with the delayed A7S3, or Sony does not think users need 10-bit video shooting capabilities. In addition, the Sony A7R4 has almost no improved user interface and slightly improved ergonomic design, which should become the standard for Sony’s subsequent new cameras. In Sony’s view, these trivial flaws are not a problem that needs to be solved urgently. The key technology is the function that the camera needs to add urgently.

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