Sony: will maximize the use of stacked technology

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   Sony a7SIII camera has been “rumored” for many years. There was also news that “scheduled for” will be released on June 26. Obviously this did not happen, but recently In an interview with Dpreview, Sony confirmed that a7SIII will be “released this summer.” The following are the key points of the interview summarized by SonyAddict:

Sony: will maximize the use of stacked technology

   COVID-19 for production And supply procurement has had an impact, but Sony has two manufacturing locations in China and Thailand, which helps.

   COVID-19 should have little long-term impact on production and logistics, but it may cause demand to fall faster.

  There is still a strong demand for Sony a7III and a7RIV

 Buying demand in most regions has resumed

  Full frame video is a huge growth opportunity


  The content creator market is developing rapidly, so even in the face of COVID-19, ZV1 sells well

  The demand for ZV1 and other products is increasing

   Sony a7SII The follow-up machine will be available later this summer.

  Sony a7SIII will be brand new

  The S of the S series initially represented sensitivity, but since many professionals and high-end users like large pixels, it will now represent the highest.

  People want to use 4k/60p and 10-bit 4:2:2 in a7SIII

  Sony is also working hard to provide RAW video

   Technology and innovation is Sony

  Sony will continue to develop products for consumers. I try to launch products that customers admire, instead of competing with manufacturers

   There will be more camera stack sensors in the future

  Autofocus will become better by improving the detection speed and accuracy of photos and videos

  Artificial intelligence is very important for the future

  Sony is committed to the future AI technology and lens autofocus execution

  In ten to fifty years, computational photography may do a lot of things traditional lenses do now

  In the next 5 years, optical lenses Will still be better than computational photography

  lens can still evolve a lot

   not sure whether the camera will be more like a smartphone in the future, or whether the smartphone will be more like a camera

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