SpaceX plans to perform its first commercial manned space mission on November 14

   Original title: SpaceX plans to carry out the first commercial manned space mission on November 14. Source:

  【TechWeb】 On October 27, according to foreign media reports, on Monday local time, NASA announced that the US space exploration technology company SpaceX plans to perform its first commercial manned space mission on the 14th of next month.

   It is reported that this commercial manned space mission is called “Crew-1” and is a follow-up mission to the Demo-2 mission that SpaceX executed in May of this year.

   It is reported that the mission was originally scheduled for October 31 this year at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. But on October 10 this year, NASA announced that due to problems with SpaceX’s “Falcon 9” rocket engine, the company’s first commercial manned launch mission was postponed to early to mid-November.

   Currently, NASA is reviewing SpaceX’s recent “Falcon 9” rocket engine issue.

   In the Crew-1 mission, SpaceX will use the Crew Dragon spacecraft to send 4 astronauts to the International Space Station, starting a six-month expedition .

   These four astronauts are American astronauts Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins, Shannon Walker, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. An astronaut Soichi Noguchi.

   Previously, on May 30 this year, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft was successfully launched. Two American astronauts and a dinosaur doll took the “Falcon 9” The rocket flew to the International Space Station. On August 2 this year, the two astronauts returned to Earth in SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft.

   The safe return of the two astronauts marks the completion of the Demo-2 mission, which is before SpaceX obtained NASA certification and started more routine flights to the International Space Station The last major test.

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