SpaceX successfully launched 60 satellites again in the 15th Starlink mission

  Original title: SpaceX successfully launched 60 satellites again in the 15th Starlink mission

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  SpaceX A total of 60 Starlink satellites were launched, which will be the main component of its upcoming global broadband Internet service. The launch took place at 11:31 a.m. Eastern Time this morning. The Falcon 9 rocket and its communications satellite lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida. This is the 15th Starlink launch so far, and SpaceX has launched nearly 900 small low-earth orbit satellites.

  The first-level booster has been used twice before, both at the beginning of this year. The first batch of Starlink satellite boosters just delivered in September have also been successfully recovered. “Floating autonomous landing vessels carried out sea landing and recovery operations.

   Earlier this week, the Hector County Independent School District in Texas announced that it has become a new pilot partner for SpaceX’s Starlink network. Next year, the school district will obtain low-latency broadband connections through Starlink’s network. At the beginning, it will connect up to 45 homes. As more constellations are launched and online, it plans to expand to 90 home customers.

   The goal of SpaceX and Starlink is to provide broadband services on a global scale, the speed and delay of which were impossible to achieve in previously inaccessible areas and rural areas. Its large satellite constellation will be committed to developing to tens of thousands of satellites before achieving the maximum target coverage. Compared with the large geostationary satellites that provide most of the current commercial satellite Internet, the Starlink constellation composed of low-orbit satellites is delayed And reliability has great advantages.

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