Starting at about RMB 13,495, Nikon D780 price exposed

   Earlier this month, we exposed the relevant parameters of the successor model of Nikon D750, Nikon D780. Foreign media said that Nikon D780 can be regarded as the SLR version of Nikon Z6. Today, foreign media also exposed Nikon. The expected price of D780, the expected price of D780 is between 1999 US dollars to 2199 US dollars, about 13945 yuan to 15340 yuan.

Starting at about RMB 13,495, Nikon D780 price exposed

  The picture is cash Nikon D750

   The previously exposed Nikon D780 parameters are as follows

  24 million pixel back-illuminated sensor

   3.2-inch 2.1 million pixel flip screen, support touch operation


   Compared with D750, the camera’s processor and RAW continuous shooting performance will be improved

   Support 3840*216024P-30P, 1920*108024P-120P video recording

  Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth

  Compared with D850, it has a higher ISO value

  Dual SDUHS-II memory card slot

  The focus system is also Will be upgraded, the number of focus points is between 51 and 153, possibly 105 focus points

  The same operation interface as the Z series mirrorless

  D780 is better than D750 The body will be smaller

   uses the same EN-EL15b battery as the Z7, Z6, D850, D750

  D780 will not have a built-in flash

   It is expected that, Nikon may release this camera at the CES show from January 7th to 10th next year. At the same time, it will also release a Z-mount NIKKOR 70-200mmf/2.8S lens and an F-mount NIKKOR zoom lens. .

  Editor’s point of view

  The exposure of the price also means that the Nikon D780 is getting closer and closer to us, and the price of 15,000 yuan is also very close to the price of the D750 when it was first launched. . What we expect is that D780 can better meet the needs of consumers and become a cost-effective product.

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