Techniques of using light in flower photography

  In spring, flowers have become the ideal subject for most photographers. When you are near your home, in a park, or when you travel to the suburbs during holidays, you can’t help but point the camera at the beautiful flowers. When shooting flowers, using different light to shoot, you can get different effects. How to make good use of different light to shoot ideal flower works, let us take a look.

   is more common in nature is diffuse reflection of light. After multiple reflections in thick clouds, the diffuse reflection of light will be softer, and the flower will not have too much light and shade under this kind of light. Contrast, the picture has no obvious light and dark relationship, and it can show the rich details of flowers. Under diffuse natural light, there will be very little messy light. In this case, it is very suitable to use macro shooting of single flowers to show the details of the flowers.

Picture From Michele IvaniThe picture is from Michele Ivani

   The second is the side light, when the harder light shines from one side, it will leave a strong shadow on the flower. Under this kind of light, the three-dimensional feeling and depth of the flower will be better, and at the same time, this kind of large light ratio and high contrast will give people a strong visual impact. But it should be noted that when using side light shooting, you should pay attention to using the camera angle to control the proportion of highlights and shadows in the picture. The proportion of shadows should not be too high. Only a small amount of shadows can increase the level and texture of the picture. Too many shadows will make the picture lose the main body, resulting in a decline in the look and feel.

Techniques of using light in flower photography

  The picture is from sergee bee

  There is also a common light that is backlight. Even the ordinary flowers and leaves in the light environment may be reborn in the backlight environment. When using backlighting to shoot flowers, the high-contrast light effect of backlighting will be vividly reflected. While drawing the lines of flowers, many plants with thin leaves will also reflect the veins of their own leaves and flowers under backlighting. At this time, you can appropriately reduce the depth of field to separate the subject from the background and increase the depth of the picture. But pay special attention to the screen exposure when shooting against the light, and increase the exposure appropriately according to the actual situation, otherwise the screen exposure will be insufficient and the backlight effect will be lost.

Techniques of using light in flower photography

  The picture is from Dominik Scythe

   Of course, the light in nature is ever-changing, and it is impossible to explain them one by one. The above are just a few examples, as long as you master it well The light and shadow expression methods and techniques are summed up from practical experience, and even complex light can be used freely.

Techniques of using light in flower photography

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