Testing, Canon EOS R Mark II is coming soon

   Canon EOSR was released on September 5, 2018. The new machine adopts a new RF mount, is equipped with a full-frame back-illuminated sensor with approximately 30.3 million effective pixels, supports full-pixel dual-core autofocus, and has as many focus points. 5655, the sensitivity range is ISO100-40000, the shutter speed is 1/8000 to 30 seconds, and the maximum continuous shooting speed is 8 frames per second. Recently, foreign media revealed that the successor of this model is coming.

Testing, Canon EOS R Mark II is coming soon

  The picture is cash EOSR

   According to Canon’s naming convention, EOSR’s successor model is likely to be named EOSRMarkII. According to foreign media reports, EOSRMarkII is currently undergoing testing, but unfortunately the relevant parameters and specifications have not been leaked so far. However, it is known that Canon EOSRMarkII will adopt an ergonomic design similar to EOSRs, and will cancel the touch bar design.

   Canon EOSRMarkII is expected to be officially unveiled before photokina2020, but also before May 2020.

  Editor’s View

   For the current Canon EOSR, I believe everyone has mixed opinions. And will the arrival of Canon EOSRMarkII make this machine have better performance? We also look forward to the exposure of relevant parameters.

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