The current situation and future product development will be like this…

   Recently, Dpreview conducted an exclusive interview with Fuji through the phone. The main contents are the newly released cameras X100V, X-T4, and the current situation of Fuji. Let’s share with you Some important content of the interview.

The current situation and future product development will be like this...

1. Fuji’s research and development plan has not been affected by the epidemic. The newly released X-T4 will go on sale at the end of April. The previous reliable news was April 28.

  2. Fuji X-T4 uses a new shutter, a new battery, a new anti-shake system components, the anti-shake architecture is 30% smaller than the X-H1, and the weight is also reduced by 20%.

  3. The situation in Europe and the United States is very serious, which will affect Fuji’s sales and logistics in the region, and the demand will naturally decline. However, Fuji still provides after-sales service in Europe and the United States.

  4. X-T and X-H series will have successor models. The exact plan cannot be shared at present, and there will be more innovations.

  5.X100V has been affected due to production. The silver version was sold first, and then the black version. The feedback received from the silver version is very good.

  6. The sales volume of the GFX system has far exceeded expectations. The main buying force is in China, and the demand is great.

  7. Fuji has opened the X mount to third parties, exemplifying the development plan for three X mount automatic lenses released by Tokina.

  8. Fuji is considering updating the second-generation XF lens, which may have a new optical design or only improve the mechanical part.

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