The full frame is not for everyone, Olympus will stick to the M4/3 system

  Olympus has been moving constantly recently, whether it is the previous round of rumors about Olympus withdrawing from the camera market, or the upcoming increase in the price of its lenses. Recently, foreign media reported that Olympus vice president of marketing Aki Murata said in an interview that “the full frame is not suitable for everyone.” To a certain extent, it also shows that Olympus will continue to adhere to the M4/3 system. .

The full frame is not for everyone, Olympus will stick to the M4/3 system

   In the interview, it was called M4/3 a big The advantage is that this is a unified format, and there will be better compatibility when changing lenses or cameras later. Although the full frame is good, the size of the sensor does not determine the cost of the product or the quality of the picture. It said that full frame is not for everyone. For photographers, it is more important to consider what is important to them. If portability is really needed, then I believe they will choose a camera like E-M5MarkIII or E-M1MarkII as their choice.

The full frame is not for everyone, Olympus will stick to the M4/3 system

  Olimba E-M5MarkIII

   In addition, AkiMurata also emphasized the importance of technological development for the development of the M4/3 system in the interview. It said: “Today, some people do need larger sensors, but this will not always be the case in the future.” Looking back three or five years ago, even looking back at the first M4/3 system camera, sometimes even the image is unusable, but The development of science and technology will not stop, and one day will catch up. When some of the current disadvantages disappear, all that is left is the small size and the performance of Olympus on the lens.

  Editor’s point of view

   From Sony’s sell-off of Olympus stock, to the rumors of Olympus’s withdrawal from the camera market, to the initiative to raise prices, Olympus is in There are constant news in the image circle. From today’s interview, it’s not difficult to see that Olympus seems to stick to the path of M4/3. First of all, I have to admit that Olympus also has many memorable products on the M4/3 system. , But we are also very curious, how can Olympus’s camera business survive only on M4/3?

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