The “movement, static and virtual reality” in bird photography

  How should the movement and the reality be expressed when shooting birds? This is a question that many photographers who are new to this subject often think about. Today we are going to talk about how to manipulate the camera to make the picture appear “moving, static, virtual and real” in sports themes.

  Using the dynamic moment of focus freezing

  The determination of the focus mode is a very important choice before shooting birds. Birds standing on branches are relatively simple to shoot, but birds in flight are more difficult to shoot due to their fast speed and susceptibility to sudden changes in their trajectories. So, let’s talk about how to set the focus mode and area of ​​the camera at the beginning of shooting.

The "movement, static and virtual reality" in bird photographyImage from kym The welsh

   focus mode needs to select continuous servo AF. Because of its performance, it can continuously track the subject in focus, which will greatly increase the success rate of shooting. In this focus mode, you need to keep pressing the shutter halfway. According to the result of the focus detection, identify the moving objects for continuous tracking and focus, and release the shutter to complete the shooting when the composition is reasonable or the bird’s posture is stretched. Or photography beginners can also choose the automatic servo AF mode. When shooting still objects, the camera automatically selects the one-shot auto focus mode, and when shooting moving objects, you must choose the continuous auto focus mode, which can make your shooting more Easy.

The "movement, static and virtual reality" in bird photography

  The picture is from chris charles

   and the focus area is to choose the largest area to shoot, such as using Nikon SLR camera can choose 51-point dynamic area for shooting. This mode, for example, when shooting a bird moving quickly and it is difficult to compose the picture in the viewfinder, it can be a good help for the photography to complete the shooting.

The "movement, static and virtual reality" in bird photography

   picture from mathew schwartz

   When shooting larger birds, you can also choose 3D tracking mode, and use automatic servo AF, continuous servo AF to focus Shoot. To choose this mode, try to avoid the phenomenon that the birds are similar to the background color or the birds are too small in the picture, because in the 3D tracking mode, when the shutter is pressed halfway, the color in the area around the focus point will be reported to the camera. In the case of the above two problems, the expected results may not be achieved.

  Using high-speed shutter to make the screen move in silence

  High-speed continuous shooting is the recommended mode for shooting birds. Because the birds move quickly, it is not certain that every moment will have a better effect when shooting, so you need to turn on the camera’s high-speed continuous shooting mode when shooting birds. But here is a little trick. When the continuous shooting speed of the shutter is greater than 10 frames per second, it is difficult for us to see the state of the bird in the viewfinder, which prevents us from adjusting the composition and other settings in real time during shooting. , So it is not recommended to use too high shutter speed to shoot.

The "movement, static and virtual reality" in bird photography

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   And there are other shooting tips for continuous shooting. When using high-speed continuous shooting, many photographers may take high-speed continuous shooting for a long time, which is not desirable in most subjects that require continuous shooting. Often when shooting birds, you can choose a continuous shooting rhythm of 5-10 frames, so that after shooting a group of photos, you can adjust the composition, focus and other settings in time to increase the filming rate.

  Using the aperture change to make the picture stand out

   The aperture change can also enrich the visual effects of the picture when shooting bird themes. A large aperture can blur the background to highlight birds, and a small aperture can express the combination of birds and the environment. There are two ways: a large aperture expresses the state and details of the birds, and a small aperture expresses a story with a story and atmosphere, which are two common types of shooting.

The "movement, static and virtual reality" in bird photography

  picture from zdenek machacek

The "movement, static and virtual reality" in bird photography

  Picture from ray hennessy

  Do you understand the above-mentioned techniques? If you also like shooting, you might as well give it a try.

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