The United States has developed a new flat fisheye lens

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   It is reported that researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have jointly developed a new type of fisheye lens, the biggest feature of the lens It is made of a piece of glass, and the glass shape is flat. This is the first flat fisheye lens made of a single glass with a thickness of 1mm, which can capture clear 180-degree panoramic photos.

  The ordinary spherical fisheye lens is made of multiple pieces of glass, which are designed to bend light to capture round wide-angle photos. The newly developed flat lens captures wide-angle panoramic photos by using “tiny structures” that can replace the curved lenses in traditional fisheye lenses to refract light.

   According to reports, this new lens is made for infrared photography, but the research team said that it can also be modified for use as a conventional visible spectrum lens. The flat lens will be more compact and produced than the spherical lens The cost is lower, and the project will be applied to interchangeable lens cameras and smart phones.

The United States has developed a new flat fisheye lens

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