The world’s first 8K pocket panoramic camera QooCam 8K released, priced at 3998 yuan

   On November 7, Shenzhen Saw Tech held a new product launch conference with the theme of “Beyond the Max” in Beijing, officially released the consumer-grade 8K panoramic camera and saw the Meeting 360-degree smart conference machine.

The world's first 8K pocket panoramic camera QooCam 8K released, priced at 3998 yuan

QooCam 8K is equipped with two fisheye lenses with a 200-degree field of view to ensure 360-degree ultra-high-definition image capture, and can record 8K/30fps ultra-high-definition images. It is the world’s first 8K pocket panoramic camera. This means that the resolution of panoramic video captured by QooCam 8K is 4 times that of 4K panoramic video and 2 times that of 5.6K panoramic video, and the bit depth of 10bit gives it more professional post-production space.

  QooCam 8K can also shoot 4k/120fps ultra-fast high-definition resolution video, ensuring its excellent performance in various extreme scenes. With AI Slow-motion independently developed by Saw Technology, it can output 4k/960fps video to realize super panoramic slow motion.

   Panorama pictures taken by QooCam 8K have up to 30 million pixels and support RAW format storage.

The world's first 8K pocket panoramic camera QooCam 8K released, priced at 3998 yuan

In order to present better picture quality, QooCam 8K adopts a 1/1.7-inch 20 million pixel sensor, which has increased the photosensitive area by more than 50% compared to the common photoreceptor in the industry. It can capture more light in the same time period and has a stronger The photosensitive performance and high signal-to-noise ratio.

   The internal operation of the camera saw the original Raw+ intelligent algorithm of science and technology, which can realize intelligent stacking of multiple RAW format pictures in the machine, directly output super HDR effect JPG pictures, and store Raw+ effect DNG pictures , Can achieve the effects of significant noise reduction under low light and dynamic, automatic alignment to remove blur, etc., so that the overall picture quality of the picture is improved by 3 levels. According to actual shooting, the picture quality created by Raw+ can reach APS-C level.

  QoocCam 8k is equipped with a 2.4-inch color touch screen, which can adjust parameters, preview, playback and control shooting at any time. It is currently the largest and most convenient control screen in the field of consumer VR cameras. The large screen can not only reduce false triggers, but also make it easier for the photographer to compose and view the clear picture material, adjust FOV, ISO, white balance and other shooting parameters. The comprehensive multi-functional color touch screen helps the photographer to get away from the mobile phone, which is more conducive to free and fun creation.

  QoocCam 8k also supports users to save custom shooting parameters, and the Q button is designed to facilitate users to quickly switch shooting modes.

   In terms of live broadcast, QooCam 8K can output a 360-degree video with 4K resolution, which is the highest resolution for live broadcast of portable VR cameras on the market. Real-time HD panoramic live broadcast by connecting to social live broadcast platforms can bring a more unique and immersive live broadcast experience to the public. With the official commercialization of 5G, QooCam8K’s 4K VR live broadcast can be quickly deployed with 5G mobile phones, bringing a live broadcast solution that is not only portable but also performance comparable to professional standards.

The world's first 8K pocket panoramic camera QooCam 8K released, priced at 3998 yuan

QooCam 8K special presets powerful SuperVlog mode, users can switch between the panoramic camera and the Vlog camera at any time to achieve a true dual-use. In Vlog mode, users can select the angle of view on the QooCam 8K camera screen to compose and shoot, and render the flat video on the screen into an independent Vlog video. What you see is what you shoot, making Vlog shooting more professional and interesting.

   At the same time, the 3.5mm external audio port of QooCam 8K supports external professional radio, allowing good sound to help enhance the appeal of the video.

  QooCam 8K is equipped with the SuperSteady super image stabilization technology independently developed by Seeing Technology. Through the built-in six-axis gyroscope and IMU anti-shake sensor, it cooperates with the 360-degree intelligent image anti-shake algorithm. It can present a smooth picture far exceeding the industry level during extreme sports, so as to achieve a strong anti-shake effect.

   does not need an additional stabilizer to achieve “no matter how stable you shoot”, making QooCam8K not only a powerful panoramic camera, but also an excellent sports camera.

  QooCam 8K has complete and easy-to-use post-editing software such as QooCam APP, QooCam Studio, etc., to ensure fast and high-quality output of works.

   In addition to the full-featured editing of panoramic video, the QooCam App also allows users to quickly enable multiple Smartclip templates such as drones, time-lapse photography, sliding zoom, and more synthesis methods to quickly create interesting and colorful Vlogs. QooCam Studio supports users to quickly and efficiently batch process 8K source videos on the PC side.

   At the same time, Sawtech has also developed a new 8K fast editing function to solve the limitation that the mobile phone cannot handle 8K source video: during QooCam 8K shooting, 8K source video files will be automatically compressed Become a 4K proxy file, the user can directly edit the 4K proxy file on the mobile phone, and then connect the camera to assist the decoding to complete the editing of the 8K source video.

The world's first 8K pocket panoramic camera QooCam 8K released, priced at 3998 yuan

   Since the press conference, QooCam 8K has officially started pre-sale on the official website of Science and Technology and Jingdong Mall. The official price is 3998 yuan.

   was released together with QooCam 8k, and I saw the Meeting 360-degree intelligent video conferencing machine. Seeing that Meeting is an all-in-one product that combines a panoramic camera, a directional microphone, and a speaker. It uses artificial intelligence image and voice recognition technology to track every speaker in the conference room, and crop and output 1080P full HD images in real time, allowing remote Participants break the limitations of distance and experience face-to-face communication.

   Seeing that Meeting has won the 2020 CES Innovation Award for its outstanding performance and innovative design.

   other related questions

  1. Does it support Google Street View?

   support, QooCam 8k can support Google Street View by combining with mobile phones.

  2, what are the advantages of picture quality and resolution?

   In addition to 8K resolution, the camera can shoot 10-bit video with wider, deeper and diversified colors, maximizing the restoration of true natural colors; the in-camera Raw+ function can automatically upgrade 12bit images to 16bit Raw format DNG.

  3. What is the size of the camera?

  QooCam8K weighs 243g, and its flat size is smaller than a 5.8-inch mobile phone screen. It is powerful but extremely compact. It can be put in a pocket without carrying the burden.

  4. How about the storage space?

   The camera has a built-in 64G storage, so you can shoot immediately when you get it. And supports external SD card expansion, which can expand more shooting space.

  5. What bit rate does the video output support?

   can support H264/H265 two encoding methods, up to 200Mbps.

   6. What are the presets after booting?

  The camera presets 8K Photo/8K Vedio/4kVedio/4K slow motion/Vlog shooting mode. It also supports user-defined parameters and saves the custom mode. At the same time, FN physical buttons are designed to facilitate quick switching of shooting modes.

  7. What accessories are there?

   will soon launch accessories such as selfie sticks, diving shells, color protective covers, etc., suitable for multi-scene and multi-play shooting.

   8. Who sees technology?

  Shenzhen sees science and technology is the leader of the new generation of imaging technology in the artificial intelligence era. With the “camera + algorithm” two-wheel drive development, it has successively launched the 8K 3D panoramic camera Kandao Obsidian, the world’s first panoramic and 3D camera QooCam, the world’s first commercialized 8K 3D panoramic live broadcast system Kandao Live 8K, the world’s first desktop panoramic deep stitching software Kandao Studio and other pioneering products, have won the CES Best Innovation Award, Red Dot Award, IF Award, etc. International authoritative awards.

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