Tokina releases new cinema lens

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   It is reported that Japan Tokina has just launched a 25-75mm T2.9 film lens. It is a compact lens designed for film shooting, with a compact full length of 174mm, industry standard 0.8 MOD focusing ring, T2.9 aperture, 86mm filter and 95mm front diameter.

   lens is used to cover a super35+ sensor with a maximum image field size of 36mm. The larger 36mm image circle can realize 4K UHD RED Helium 8K, RED Dragon 6K, RED Monstro 6K, Alexa LF and other machines Compatibility, and 4K DCI or 4K UHD support for mirrorless cameras such as Canon, Blackmagic Design and Panasonic.

   When paired with the Tokina Cinema 1.6x extender with PL or EF mount, the lens will become 40-120mm T4.2, which can cover full frame and Vista Vision 6K and 8K size sensors.

Tokina releases new cinema lensTokina releases new cinema lens

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