Two wide-angle lenses Canon patent exposure of two new EF mount lenses

   Recently, Canon has patented two new EF mount lenses. Information from the Japanese Patent Office shows that Canon has recently registered two new lens patents, namely 20mmf/1.4 and 12-24mmf/4.5-5.6.

Patent design drawingPatent design drawing

   Registered in patent The lens may not really be on the market, the design patents of these two lenses are more like Canon’s display of new lens design solutions.

Patent registration drawingPatent registration drawing

  Lens parameters:


   Focal length: 20.50mm

  FNo: 1.44

  Image height: 21.64mm

Lens length: 134.70mm

   back focus distance: 36.81mm


   Focal length: 12.40-18.00-23.64mm

  FNo: 4.35-4.96-5.60

  Image height: 21.64mm

  Lens length: 134.70mm

  Back focus distance: 36.81mm


  Editor’s view:

   Although Canon has been vigorously developing the RF mount, it seems that the EF mount has not been abandoned. If Canon really released 20mmf/1.4, this would be an excellent starry sky lens. The 12-24F4-5.6 lens will undoubtedly have a broader market.

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