Western media: Epidemic blocks schooling, aesthetically-aged teenagers turn into farm labor

  Original title: Western media: Epidemic blocked the way to school, aesthetically-aged teenagers turned into farm laborers

  Reference News reported on October 26, according to Spanish “Public Daily” website October 24 According to Japanese reports, affected by the epidemic, schools in many parts of the United States have stopped face-to-face courses. This has brought many young people and children living in rural areas to the fields and become the main workers in the farming industry in the United States.

   It was less than 7 o’clock in the morning, a group of Hispanic laborers arrived early in a plantation in Oxnard, California. Although it is autumn, the heat still hasn’t completely receded. A thin figure can be seen among these hardworking workers, she is only 19 years old Maria Salvador. She immigrated to the United States from Mexico with her parents and is currently engaged in plantation.

   Since the outbreak of the new crown in March this year, Maria’s parents have not left the plantation. However, as the epidemic spread, young people and children like Maria joined the army of plantation workers due to school closures. They wake up and work greedily, so that all American families have no shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables on the table due to the epidemic.

   Maria said in an interview with the media: “I have been working here since April this year. I was still in high school, but I had to help my parents pay the rent and family expenses.”

   Since August, Maria has signed up for two online courses to improve her English. Because if you want to start a college career, this is the most basic requirement. Maria’s sister has also been working on the plantation since the outbreak. They all only speak Spanish and the native Mexican language-Mystic. This situation is common in the American agricultural labor force, because 83% of them are Hispanic and most of them are Mexican immigrants.

   For Maria, it is undoubtedly a challenge to take care of 6 hours of field work and online learning every day. But she also knows very well that if she wants to receive a university education and finally realize her dream of becoming a medical worker, she must make great sacrifices. She frankly said: “I don’t like this job, but even if I get back home and feel sore back and legs, I must start learning.” She said firmly in her eyes: “This is my mission.”

  According to statistics, the United States estimates that there are approximately 450,000 to 500,000 young people and children working in agriculture, but the agricultural sector cannot provide them with good labor security. Experts pointed out that as long as they get permission from their parents, many young people and children can work indefinitely after school. This is not the case in other industries. Many immigrant families have no money to hire a nanny, so parents have to take their children to work together in the fields.

   in Salina, California Si, a Mexican couple with their 10-year-old son working in the fields.

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