What’s the photographer’s color box like?

   As a senior Hummingbird photographer, have you encountered the following problems?

  I worked hard to fix the photos. Some of the comments are oversaturated and some are light in color?

   Every time I submit an excellent work to the competition, I always get eliminated in the first round?

   I received a commercial project for paid shooting offline, but Party A always said that the color of the shooting clothes was wrong?

   has said that using LOG to shoot video will improve the image quality. Why do I always take pictures in gray?

What's the photographer's color box like?

   In the face of these crazy situations, are you professional? I thought about it because.

  The monitors of netizens are so different that you can’t find the right color?

Maybe the judges of the    contest saw a color cast photo?

   Are the white balance and color tone accurate when shooting?

  Did you use the correct LUT curve in the later LOG?

  How to solve these problems?

   First, you need a monitor with accurate colors to make sure that you are repairing the correct color when you retouch the picture, so that the picture that the judges are looking at is the picture you repaired.

What's the photographer's color box like?

   Now, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Deta Color, Germany Tower Color has launched a new SpyderX 50th Anniversary Set. Let professional you solve common problems in the gallery and picture community with the least cost.

   Inside the small aluminum alloy magic box, there are SpyderXElite, SpyderCHECKR24, SpyderCUBE three deta color stars magic weapon, let’s take a look at what they can do.

What's the photographer's color box like?

   The SpyderXElite color correction device currently on the market can be found in Let the monitor display standard colors within two minutes. Use a standard monitor to retouch the picture later, and it will never change color after it is uploaded to the Internet, so that the editor of the picture review is as wonderful as you see.

   For photographers who are professionally engaged in the photography industry, Starscream has a special multi-screen matching and soft proofing function that can make the studio even more powerful, without worrying about color changes in the workflow process.

  Secondly, the white balance and exposure in the early stage of shooting need to be perfectly controlled. If it is not done properly due to various factors, how to remedy it in the later stage?

What's the photographer's color box like?

   Another artifact is SpyderCHECKR24, the standard Munsell 24 Color card, the current professional video editing software on the market has built-in color card data, which can restore video to standard colors with one key, accurately restore white balance, and control exposure.

   If you are still a Vlogger, a micro-film creator, or a commercial photographer, you can make every piece of your material have an exclusive customized LUT curve, and the film quality is no longer a dream.

Every color in the    color card is made of minerals, which is durable and can withstand long-term sunlight.

   More importantly, the color card not only supports Deta’s own software, but also adapts to professional film and television color correction software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Da Vinci.

What's the photographer's color box like?

   The last small cube is SpyderCUBE, which is the history of Deta The star product of a long-established color management company can not only effectively restore white balance, but also solve the problem of color cast and exposure in one-click through cubic black and white surfaces and dead black. The batch is unified, and the efficiency is greatly improved. More importantly, the cubic spider can be washed without fear of stains.

  As you who often take commercial pictures, a simple and easy-to-learn cube can solve the problem of color reproduction of the subject. The small cube is worth putting in your camera bag.

What's the photographer's color box like?

  Professional colors make you a professional

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