Why are more people flocking to New York during the epidemic?

  文|Liu Shuo

   Eastern Time On October 26, contrary to popular belief, according to an analysis of telephone data, the number of people who moved into New York during the epidemic was higher than those who moved out of New York.

   A study of population migration in 30 major cities in the United States during the COVID-19 period showed that from March to September, the most popular migration cities were Tampa, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, and New York area. According to data from Orbital Insight data, the issuer of this report, Miami and Orlando, Florida also made the top five.

  Real estate company FCP’s vice president of research and data analysis, Matt Larriva, said that he uses this data to understand the trend of domestic population flow. “For the same reason: including the relationship between culture and business, higher than New York is still one of the most attractive locations in other places in the world for the degree of work intensity. We can understand why unemployed young people in the Midwest are encouraged to go to places like New York or Chicago, because the employment prospects there continue to be promising, and apartments Vacancy rates have skyrocketed, and you can enjoy life.”

  People who leave New York tend to move to Philadelphia, which is not far from the Sunshine Belt. Orbital Insight data uses satellite, drone, balloon, and mobile phone data to track their behavior. Unlike reports from moving companies, Orbital’s data captures temporary relocations, such as college students returning home, or escaping from an epidemic area. People reunited with relatives.

  Data shows where people usually stay if they live in the tropics. Residents in Florida and Texas mostly relocate within the state; people in San Francisco have the highest proportion of choosing to move to Los Angeles, Phoenix or San Diego; and Los Angeles residents prefer San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

   New York may be one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. It is called the “City that never sleeps”, it is the world’s largest financial center and one of the most expensive cities in the world. In the past few months, thousands of residents have fled New York City to escape the epidemic. But not everyone wants to escape from this place. Many people are sure of future development opportunities while housing prices are falling.

   According to the New York Times, since April this year, although unusual, nearly 700 homebuyers have signed home purchase contracts in Manhattan, some of whom are from faraway California, China and Brazil. A one-bedroom and one living room in the Hell’s Kitchen was recently listed for US$549,000, while the initial price was US$575,000 in September last year. According to data from GS, the average apartment contract price is US$1.83 million, a decrease of 13% from the US$2.1 million in 2019. This will make many long-term real estate investors see the light.

   In the third quarter of 2020, the median rent in Manhattan fell below $3,000 to $2,990 for the first time in nine years. According to a new StreetEasy report, record rent cuts have contributed to a sharp drop in house prices. At present, there are more than 72,000 apartments for sale in Manhattan. Due to the unused apartments, this has caused landlords to continuously reduce prices to win tenants.

  Many people who came to New York for the first time believed that the city would recover as it did after 9/11 in 2001, although many people predicted that this metropolis was doomed to fail. So according to another moving company’s report, the latest data from United Trucks, the largest household goods transporter in the United States, even though New York City’s external moving demand fell by 1% in April, moving interest in May rose 55% from the average. . As of the end of August, New York’s outward relocation requirements were 52% higher than the national average.

   Some people saw a more comfortable way of life during the crisis, and some people saw greater development opportunities during the crisis. Whether New York is still a hot spot in people’s hearts depends on the city’s recovery after the epidemic has passed And the control of the epidemic.

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