Why is the original red circle selected for the lens? Have you paid attention to these details

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   For a long time, Canon lenses have performed well in sales and reputation. As of the end of 2018, the cumulative output of Canon EF and RF series lenses has reached 140 million, which is the largest number of professional lenses in the world.

   In the professional market, the Canon red circle lens is also Prestigious broadcast. In the professional film market, the EF mount is already a universal standard; in news, sports, ecology, portraits and other fields, Canon Red Circle White Cannon is the standard for professional journalists and photographers. Today we will talk about the reasons why Canon lenses are loved by so many photographers.

  The equipment warehouse of the Canon CPS Center of the Olympic Games is equipped with many white cannons for photographers.

  Advanced optical and electronic technology

   After entering the full-frame microscopic era, Canon’s RF microscopic lens On the basis of the EF lens, it has been further upgraded: the image quality meets the requirements of the next-generation high-resolution, color science, phase difference suppression, and edge sharpness are all at a high level.

   Canon RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM and other lenses have improved portability while maintaining a high level

   In addition, thanks to the large diameter and short flange distance of the RF mount, RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM, RF600mm F11 IS STM, RF800mm F11 IS STM have a significant reduction in volume and weight, and have obvious advantages in portability compared to traditional lenses.

  The Canon EOS SLR EOS R micro system adopts a fully electronic bayonet

   and a fully electronic, no mechanical connection bayonet design, so that the RF lens system can take into account photos/videos. Shooting has a strong advantage in adjusting the aperture and restraining the breathing effect. It should be said that Canon RF lenses are quite advanced in terms of optical performance, volumetric performance under the same specifications, and forward-looking for the imaging industry.

   Continuous pursuit of excellent optical quality

   In terms of image quality performance, the advantages of RF lenses are not only reflected in sharpness. In terms of out-of-focus performance and glare control, it depends on Canon’s years of accumulation of optical technology and the application of the latest science and technology. Through the latest ASC coating technology, UD and super UD lenses and other technologies, glare and dispersion can be reduced, making the picture more clear and true.

  ASC coating is a coating technology developed by Canon, which can effectively suppress ghost and flare caused by light reflection

  Super UD lens and UD lens have good chromatic aberration compensation performance, which can effectively reduce the “purple fringing” in the picture

   In fact, Canon has always given us surprises one after another in optical technology: technologies like UD lenses, super UD lenses, GMo glass molded aspheric lenses, and SWC sub-wavelength structure coating have emerged in an endless stream in recent years. Seeing the big from the small, it should be said that Canon is a pioneering and innovative enterprise.

   knows the function design of photographers best

  The new generation of RF white cannon lenses are equipped with anti-shake mode 3 to facilitate shooting in sports, ecology, etc.

   In recent years, Canon has also Many functional-level innovations that are novel and close to actual use requirements are given. For example, the anti-shake mode 3 applied to the telephoto lens, which is more suitable for shooting in sports, ecological and other scenes, is a very friendly and useful function for photographers: with it, the anti-shake When shaking the lens, it will no longer be restricted by the anti-shake mechanism, and smooth framing can also achieve the same effect as other anti-shake modes. This kind of meticulous understanding of the photographer’s needs can only be achieved by Canon, who knows the photographer best.

  The prestige and value of the red circle

   For a long time, the “red circle” is also an L-level lens. It has always had high prestige among movie friends. I saw a photographer use it It is a red circle lens. People who understand most likely want to “take a high look”. From the consumer’s point of view, the red circle can indeed bring quality assurance. On the other hand, the label of the red circle can indeed give users the confidence to communicate between film friends. Choosing the red circle lens can also be regarded as a social culture investment.

   By the way, countless photographers and photographers The gun basically has such a consensus, that is: the core of choosing a camera is to choose the lens system. Canon lens is rich in categories, large in number, outstanding in quality, and constantly developing and progressing. It is undoubtedly the best in terms of products; further up to the perspective of cultural symbols, with the influence of the brand and years of reputation, Canon The red circle lens is definitely the most cost-effective or even the best choice for consumers in the field of photography.

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