1 year “tax evasion” 18.7 billion! International organizations call for the introduction of tax laws, pointing to the three major US technology giants

   In recent years, when the United States has frequently acted in global trade under the banner of “America First”, American technology giants have also begun to become important targets for all countries. Previously, more than 30 countries, including Germany, France, and Australia, have expressed their intention to impose a digital tax on US technology giants.

   The latest news from foreign media on Monday showed that poor countries may also “bright swords” against American technology giants. The latest report cited research by the anti-poverty charity-International Action Aid, saying that large US technology companies are taking advantage of loopholes in global tax laws to avoid the annual tax payment of up to $2.8 billion to developing countries.

   The agency pointed out that poor countries The government is working hard to improve basic health care or education for citizens, but American technology giants such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have not paid their taxes. As a result, poor countries do not have enough funds to carry out related actions.

  According to the International Action Aid Organization’s research, the taxes that American giants should pay are enough to pay the tuition for more than 700,000 new teachers or 850,000 elementary school teachers. However, since countries around the world have not yet implemented global tax standards, the actions of American giants have not violated the rules, while countries are facing potential tax losses.

  The implication is that the International Action Aid organization believes that, including poor countries, all countries in the world should introduce relevant tax laws as soon as possible to prevent the corresponding tax revenue from continuing to drain. The organization believes that the tax exemptions for these companies are enough to change the shortage of funds facing the medical and education systems of some of the world’s poorest countries.

   It is worth mentioning that, The $2.8 billion in taxes that the organization said was actually only for the three giants Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, so the organization emphasized that this is just the tip of the iceberg. If countries speed up the implementation of relevant tax laws, they may receive more taxes.

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