100 million pixel RAW video! Fuji or push GFX100 new firmware

   At the previous Fuji press conference, Fuji said that it will provide GFX100 with a 100 million pixel medium format micro-single including “shaking music” high-pixel mode A variety of new functions are included, which will be provided through firmware updates. Recently, foreign media have revealed that Fuji may add support for ProResRAW video files in the new firmware for GFX100. The firmware may be officially released in June this year.


   Fuji GFX100

   ProResRAW is a new codec released by Apple, which can make the video file size much smaller than before, while retaining the higher quality video data rate and editing of the original uncompressed RAW video ability. At present, Fuji GFX100 can record 4K/30P, 10bit, the highest bitrate of 400Mbps video.

   In addition, Fuji may also provide new firmware for X-A7 and X-T4 at the same time.

  Editor’s point of view

   I have to say that Fuji GFX100 is a very powerful product, and with the new firmware, the functionality of GFX100 has been further improved, and we are also looking forward to it. The debut of the new firmware.

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