120fps RAW video, Sigma fp will welcome new firmware this summer

   Sigma fp, which was released in October last year, has attracted the attention of many users with its unique shape and powerful expandability. Sigma is also using firmware updates to make Sigma fp have more functions and perform better. Recently, Sigma announced that it will bring new firmware version 2.0 to Sigma fp this summer, which will bring more new functions.


  Sigma fp

  The new features that Sigma fp2.0 firmware will bring are as follows:

   supports recording FHD8bit120/100fps CinemaDNG video recording

   supports cinemagraph micro-motion effects

  Support video recording in video mode and still picture shooting in live view state

  Support HDR shooting

  Support video recording function in professional director viewfinder mode

  Open SDK to better support third-party software

   In addition, Sigma will bring new firmware version 1.02 to fp on the 18th of this month. In order to correct the error that occurs when using some SD cards, it also provides more lens aberration correction functions.

  Editorial view

   Sigma has received a lot of attention once it was launched. On the one hand, its compact appearance, and on the other hand, its infinite scalability and modularity design. And Sigma’s new firmware that brings new features to fp this time is believed to further enhance the user experience.

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