315 Smart consumer, you need to know these points when buying a camera

   Today is March 15, which is also known as “International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights” (International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights). This consumer festival was first determined by the International Consumers Union in 1983. The purpose is to expand the promotion of consumer rights protection, so that it can be valued worldwide, and promote cooperation between consumer organizations in various countries and regions. Contact with each other to better protect the rights and interests of consumers on an international scale.  

   The rights and interests of our consumers not only require good supervision and protection mechanisms to restrain manufacturers and businesses, but also consumers themselves to make smart consumption, not blindly follow or impulse. Especially now that the e-commerce platform is very convenient. You can place an order while lying on the sofa and open the mobile app. Therefore, we need to have a rational consumption heart. Today we will talk about some points you need to pay attention to when buying a camera, so as to avoid impulsive consumption and regret it.

  Choose the product that suits you

   The current camera market models can be roughly divided into these categories: SLR, Mirrorless , Portable camera. You can choose the model that suits you according to your needs. Simply put, if you are a photography enthusiast and value the matching lens and battery life of the camera, then SLR is more suitable for you. If you prefer a smaller interchangeable lens camera, then undoubtedly choose a mirrorless camera. And if you don’t have too many requirements for the lens, and you want to have a small camera with you to record your daily life and shoot some VLOG videos, then the portable camera with one-inch sensor on the market is a product you won’t regret.




  Micro Single


   portable camera

   Many other friends can’t distinguish between SLR and Mirrorless. They simply think that the SLR is large and the Mirrorless is small. Even some large fixed-lens cameras call it SLR. To understand the difference between cameras, I recommend you to read these two articles.


  SLR and mirrorless structure comparison

   There is one thing that must be explained. The original intention of buying a camera must be to like photography and feel that it is now The shooting performance of mobile phones can no longer meet their needs. If you don’t have much interest in photography, and the photos you usually take are all here to take photos, check in for meals, etc., then the current mainstream smartphones can meet your needs in terms of shooting performance, and there is no need to spend Too much money to buy a camera alone.

The reason why    came up to tell everyone about the type of camera, in fact, I want everyone to choose the product that suits them, avoid impulse consumption to buy camera products that are not suitable for them, or impulse consumption without needing to buy a camera I bought it and put it on the cabinet.

  The choice of configuration should suit you

   With the continuous development of imaging technology, the performance of the camera is now very powerful, but For cost and positioning considerations, the performance focus of different models is also different. A high-pixel camera can output more detailed imaging and larger size photos. If you are particularly concerned about this, then the pixel is the first consideration when buying a camera.


   high-pixel models have more delicate pictures


   100% zoom in detail is excellent

  Many novice photographers don’t know how to use post-production software such as PS, so a model like Canon that has good results with JPEG format photos is very suitable. In addition, the touch screen can greatly simplify the difficulty of camera control, and everyone should also consider it when buying.


  4K video screenshot

   If you are a VLOG user, you should focus on whether the camera supports 4K video recording and the focus performance during video shooting. If you prefer to take the camera to sweep the street and take humanistic photos, then the focus speed and continuous shooting performance of the camera have a crucial impact on the success rate of shooting.

   In the purchase of the camera, remember to be greedy for the parameters and performance, and focus on choosing according to your actual needs, so as to avoid the waste of performance and funds.

  Accessories selection is enough

  Many friends also buy a lot of photography accessories when buying a camera, such as camera bags, Memory card, tripod, battery, etc. The author is not forbidden to buy, but hope that everyone can be selective according to their actual needs. For example, memory cards, most models with 24 million pixels, 64GB memory cards can take thousands of photos at a time, so there is no need to choose 128GB products. And for most cameras, a normal-speed memory card can meet the needs, so you don’t have to spend more than double the price to buy high-speed. Fortunately.


   A standard speed 64GB memory card that is just over a hundred yuan can meet the needs.

   The current mirrorless cameras and even SLR cameras are very stylish Lightweight and portable, there is no need to buy a separate camera bag like before. Buy an inexpensive soft cloth bag, wrap the camera in the soft cloth bag when you go out, and put it in your carry-on backpack.


A tripod seems to be a necessary tool for photography, but in fact, there are not many scenes used, unless you are a photography enthusiast. Expecting to buy a large photography tripod, it is better to buy a tabletop tripod with a price of 100 yuan, which is convenient to carry and can be used when stable shooting is required.

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