32.5 million pixels Canon EOS R7 micro parameters exposed

   Earlier, we exposed that Canon will bring EOS7DMarkII’s equivalent model EOSR7 in 2021. Unlike 7DMarkII, Canon EOSR7 will be a mirrorless micro-camera. Recently, foreign media exposed some of the parameters of this machine.


   Canon EOSR7 hypothesis Figure

   It is rumored that Canon EOSR7 will be equipped with a 32.5 million pixel APS-C frame sensor, or the same sensor that appeared on EOSM6MarkII earlier, and it is matched with a DIGIC8 processor, which can provide 4K/30P video recording specifications. In addition, Canon EOSR7 will also be equipped with body anti-shake function, which can provide up to 5.5 files of compensation.

  Editorial view

  Because the EF-M system still lacks the diversity of SLR to some extent, Canon still plans to launch an APS-C frame EOSR based on RF mount. With the appearance of the EOSR7 microcomputer, it is said that Canon will also launch a number of APS-C format RF mount lenses at the same time. 32.5 million pixels are enough to meet most needs, and now I only look forward to the continuous shooting speed and sensitivity of this machine.

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