4,000 yuan purchase budget, which features of the camera you need to pay attention to

  For the general public, it is not completely cold to photography, so the ultimate purpose of most users buying a camera is to take pictures. For the camera application, there is no need to spend 10,000 yuan or 20,000 yuan to buy a professional camera. The general entry-level APS-C format camera is enough to meet everyone’s needs. So for ordinary users, with a purchase budget of 4,000 yuan, which features of the camera should you pay attention to?

4000 yuan purchase budget which features you need to pay attention to the camera What features of the camera do you need to pay attention to when buying a 4,000 yuan budget

   4,000 yuan budget, in fact, you can only buy an entry-level camera. Many people see the word “beginner” and subconsciously tell themselves that it must be one. Bad camera. The author believes that if this kind of thinking were said 10 years ago, I would agree with you, but now, the power of entry-level cameras has exceeded your imagination

The entry-level camera is mainly APS-C format

   The entry-level camera, whether it is a SLR or a mirrorless camera, is based on APS-C format. Our current mainstream cameras, from small to large, are one-inch, M4/3, APS-C, and full-frame. The larger medium-format cameras have actually begun to be used for civilian use, but the high price makes them comparable to ordinary consumption. There is still a certain distance. The frame is the camera’s sensor. Most of them are now CMOS, which is equivalent to film in the film era.

Different frame sensor size comparisonDifferent frame sensor size comparison

   1 inch: Mainly used in card cameras and drone aerial cameras, such as Canon, Sony, DJI and other brands.

  M4/3 format: Mainly used in mirrorless cameras and SLR cameras, such as Panasonic, Olympus and other brands.

   APS-C format: Mainly used in mirrorless cameras and SLR cameras, such as Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony and other brands.

  Full frame: Mainly used in mirrorless cameras and SLR cameras, such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Leica, Sigma and other brands.

   Today, we are going to introduce to you that the 4000 yuan entry-level camera is in the category of APS-C format. There are both SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras.

The picture quality of the APS-C format camera is very good.

   According to the ability of the picture frame, the APS-C picture frame is the highest quality among the current civilian products besides the full-frame camera. Ok. If there is a good daylight, there is actually almost no obvious difference between the image quality of the APS-C frame and the full frame except for the difference in resolution caused by the pixels. But in the case of poor light, the noise control ability of a full-frame camera will be better than that of the APS-C format.

When the light is sufficient, there is no obvious difference between APS-C and full-frame cameras Picture quality differenceWhen the light is sufficient, there is no obvious picture quality difference between APS-C and full-frame cameras

   But compared to M4/3 format and 1-inch products, the advantages of APS-C format appear. Even the APS-C format entry camera with a price of 4,000 yuan has obvious advantages. This is the truth that people often say that “the bottom is the big one crushes people”, and the “bottom” is the frame.

The quality of the current APS-C format camera is already very good The image quality of the current APS-C format cameras is already very impressive.

   In fact, if you talk about APS-C format cameras alone, their image quality is also very impressive, and the noise control ability is much better than everyone thinks, because now APS- The C format camera is the main model on the market, and the top of the sales charts in various countries, and even the top ones in the list are corresponding cameras. Therefore, manufacturers will also make great efforts to optimize the camera of this specification, so the picture quality is considered standard.

Entry-level cameras are generally very lightweight

   The cameras we are discussing are nothing more than SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras. No matter what type of camera, the main focus is lightness.

   Many people must have doubts when they see this. If the mirrorless camera is very portable, such as Canon EOSM50, Canon EOSM100, Sony A5100, Sony A6000, etc., how can SLR cameras be portable? There is no doubt about this, because Canon EOS 200DII is such a SLR camera.

Current APS-C format cameras are generally very portableCurrent APS-C format cameras are generally very light

   Canon 200DII is currently the lightest SLR camera on the market. Its body size and weight are even smaller and lighter than many full-frame mirrorless cameras, so many people like to call it For “mini SLR”. This camera is also individually optimized for the female market, so the body is not only lightweight and portable, but also very stylish in color.

   So now when going out, a woman may not only take out a stylish and beautiful mirrorless camera in her bag, she may even directly take out a beautiful and compact SLR camera. So don’t be surprised to see your female friends, girlfriends, and other people’s girlfriends pull out these devices.

Dare to call a camera without flipping the touch screen?

   Today’s cameras, especially entry-level cameras, almost come standard with a flip touch screen, especially Canon. The familiar M50, M100, 200D, etc. cameras all support a 180-degree horizontal and 270-degree flip screen design, which means that no matter how tricky your viewing angle is, camera users don’t need to bend on tiptoe.

Flip the screen at a large angle to make selfies easierLarge Flip the screen at an angle to make selfies easier

   With the flip screen at a large angle, you can even take a selfie with the camera. Coupled with the portrait and skin beautifying modes integrated in the camera, female users can also experience the same beauty of the phone when taking selfies, and the camera’s picture quality will be better, killing two birds with one stone.

   The other is touch. Touch operation is almost standard in the camera, and it has been started a few years ago. Now almost all brands of cameras are equipped with touch screens. We can adjust the settings, change the parameters, focus and even the shutter for taking pictures daily through touch operation. The camera has become as easy to operate as a mobile phone.

4K video recording is standard.

   Since iPhone 6S supports 4K video, mobile phones have generally followed up. So as a more professional shooting equipment, how can the camera be willing to lag behind? In fact, the camera started to support 4K video in 2014, and the first product was Panasonic GH4. Subsequently, the popularity of 4K video shooting accelerated, and cameras of major brands began to support 4K video recording.

   Now whether it is a professional-level video camera or an entry-level ordinary camera, 4K video shooting has been widely supported, so 4K video has become the standard of current cameras.

Wi-Fi transmission allows you to quickly share your circle of friends

   Wi-Fi transmission means that the camera connects the mobile phone through the APP of major brands through Wi-Fi, and then the mobile phone You can download the images in the camera, the download speed is very fast, and you can choose the size of the download, which is very user-friendly. Because the camera quality of the APS-C format is very good, after downloading the photos, you can do post-production in the mobile phone or directly post to Weibo or Moments.

Wi-Fi transmission makes sharing easierWi- Fi transmission makes sharing easier.

   Because of the better picture quality, generally you will get more likes for posting this kind of photos, whether it’s a girl’s selfie, a family photo, a gathering of friends, or even some excellent ones. Scenery photos. In short, what you want to shoot will be presented in the circle of friends in a better way.

How to choose a 4000 RMB camera?

   4,000 yuan price, including SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras together, in fact, there are really many products to choose from.

  Micro unilateral, such as the Canon M50, Canon M100, Fuji X-A5, Fuji X-A20, Sony A5100, Sony A6000 and so on mentioned just now. SLR, such as Canon 200D II, Canon 1500D, Canon 3000D, Nikon D3500, Nikon D5300 and so on.

   First, let’s talk about mirrorless cameras. Electronic products such as cameras, especially the body, should be bought new rather than old. After all, new technology is not only an improvement in image quality, but also in terms of handling and control. In other additional experiences, there are also obvious upgrades.

M100 has a more comprehensive configurationM100 has a more comprehensive configuration

   Canon M100 and Sony A5100 are geared towards more entry-level users. One is a product released in August 2017 and the other is a product released in 2014. In contrast, Canon M100 supports touch, so it is achieved through touch in daily use and taking pictures, and the experience is better. In addition, the price of the M100 kit is 2599 yuan, and the price of the A5100 kit is 2,999 yuan. It is not difficult to choose from the cost-effectiveness.

M50’s selling points are very richM50’s selling points are very rich

   Canon M50 and A6000 also have 24 million pixels, and the prices are also in a similar range, so many users will choose between these two cameras. M50 is a new product in 2018, and A6000 is an old model released in 2014. In comparison, M50 supports 4K 25p video, but A6000 does not. The M50 is designed with a 180-degree horizontal and 270-degree flip screen. The A6000 is a flip screen with a small adjustment range and does not support touch operations, which has limitations in use. Between the two cameras, the author recommends the M50, which has richer and more powerful selling points and can satisfy users with more usage environments and shooting types.

Canon EOS M50 set (EF-M 15-45mm IS STM ) APS-C frame, dual-core focusing system, 4K videoCanon EOS M50 set APS-C frame, dual-core focusing system, 4K video

  [Dealer] Jingdong Mall

  [product price] 4399 yuan

   enter the purchase

   talk more Speaking of SLR, the update frequency of SLR cameras is getting lower and lower. Nikon D5300 is a product released in 2013, and many technologies are outdated; Nikon D3500, Canon 1500D and 3000D are products released last year, and Canon 200DII is a product released this year. These four models can still be regarded as new products.

200DII is not only light, but also more able to meet the needs of entry users 200DII is not only light, but also more able to meet the needs of entry-level users

   Nikon D3500, Canon 1500D and Canon 200DII are all 24 million pixel-level SLRs, but in terms of size and weight, Canon 200DII has a clear advantage. In addition, Nikon D3500 and Canon 1500D do not support flip touch screen design, and 200DII wins again in this regard. On the whole, the 200DII with updated release time and smaller size is obviously more suitable for entry users to buy, because the control and daily use experience will be better.

   Since everyone’s preferences are different, these are just the author’s analysis and suggestions. When buying, you can choose according to your own needs, and you can buy the most favorite camera on demand.

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