60 million pixels Nikon will release two mirrorless cameras this year

   For Nikon, this year will definitely be an extremely fierce competition. Whether it is competitors’ efforts in mirrorless products or the advantages of established mirrorless camera manufacturers, everyone can’t help but pinch. Put cold sweat. Earlier, we predicted that Nikon may bring new high-pixel models this year in our article on Nikon’s 2020 release of new product forecasts for SLR and micro-single. Recently, foreign media exposed relevant news.


  The picture is cash Nikon Z7

   Nikon will release two mirrorless cameras this year, one of which is positioned as a high-end product-Nikon Z8. Nikon Z8 may use SD card + CFexpress card dual memory card slot, support vertical shooting handle, or it will be equipped with Sony’s IMX455AQR this 61 million pixel full-frame sensor, so the price will be higher. The Z8 will be unveiled before the D850 successor product debut-it is said that it will also be equipped with the IMX455AQR sensor, but the successor product of the D850 is not expected to be on the market in 2020 or in 2021.

  Editor’s point of view

   Earlier when Canon announced the development of EOSR5, it can be said to have earned the limelight, and its powerful performance has also left us a deep impact. However, there is not much news from Nikon for the time being, and we also look forward to Nikon’s new mirrorless this year that will surprise us.

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