8K+20fps continuous shooting Is Canon EOS R5 worth buying?

   On July 9, 2020, Canon held an exciting new product launch event. One of the products caught everyone’s attention. It was the Canon EOSR5 mirrorless camera. The “Micro 5” camera is undoubtedly a “performance monster”. It not only has a very good parameter configuration, but also has the strongest civilian video performance. Today, we will lead everyone to take a systematic look at Canon EOSR5 camera.


01The handling of Canon EOSR5 is improved.

   Let’s briefly introduce Canon EOSR5. Its body design is similar to EOSR5, but there are many differences in details. In terms of overall body size, Canon EOSR5 is a circle larger than EOSR, and EOSR5 is still portable compared with SLR cameras.


   The front of the fuselage, except for the handle In addition to the large and different camera model identifications, the rest of Canon EOSR5 and EOSR are very close, and an infrared remote control receiving area is added to the handle. In terms of the button layout on the top of the fuselage, EOSR5 is consistent with EOSR, including the size and position of the shoulder screen.


The biggest change of EOSR5 is actually the back of the fuselage. It canceled the function slider on the EOSR fuselage and replaced it with a joystick design; the direction buttons on the back are also designed as a dial wheel; a separate Q function button and The RATE button makes it more convenient for users to use when shooting videos. Overall, the layout of the buttons on the back of EOSR5 is closer to the design concept of Canon SLR cameras. Therefore, the overall handling of EOSR5 will be closer to the feeling of Canon 5D4 and other SLR cameras.


   side of the fuselage, EOSR5 and EOSR Compared with changes, the location and layout of the interface have changed. Because EOSR5 has more prominent video performance, the interface is also optimized for video. On the other side is the card slot. EOSR5 uses a dual card slot design, CFexpress and SD dual card slots, so that users can choose an economical SD card or an excellent CFexpress card for storage according to their shooting needs.

   Although there is no core change in the overall appearance of EOSR5, you can see the detailed design, such as a larger handle, improved button layout, or new buttons and dials, which can improve the controllability , To bring users a better experience.

  02 Canon EOSR5 is more than just high pixels

   Let’s take a look at the parameter performance part. Canon EOSR5’s parameter performance this time can be said to be full of sincerity. EOSR5 uses a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor design, becoming a member of the high-pixel camera echelon. It is precisely because of the addition of EOSR5 that the average level of high pixels has improved again. The original 30 million pixel level can be called high pixel, now I believe that at least 40 million pixels can be called a high pixel camera.


Canon EOSR5’s high-pixel sensor, in addition to having an outstanding role in shooting 8K video, for photography, high-pixel can bring a delicate picture and excellent image quality performance, so it is very practical for landscape photography and commercial shooting significance.


Canon EOS R5 is equipped with a new generation of full-pixel dual-core focusing technology, which has improved autofocus performance. When using face+tracking priority AF, the focus area can cover the image sensor about 100% vertical * 100% horizontal. Through a new generation of full-pixel dual-core focus and drive control of the RF lens, it can display high-speed autofocus up to about 0.05 seconds. Canon’s full-pixel dual-core focusing system has certain competitive advantages among the three major Japanese brands. This new generation of technology has brought even better performance.

   Same as the Canon EOS R, the Canon EOS R5 also has a -6EV focusing capability, which means that the camera can still achieve high-precision focusing through autofocus in a dark environment where the subject is difficult to identify with the naked eye Operation.


Canon EOS R5 brings better detection and focus of human eyes, faces and human heads, and improves the detection performance of smaller pupils and side faces.

   Canon EOS R5 uses a better EVF viewfinder, this viewfinder has an organic EL panel design of about 5.76 million pixels, the field of view is 100%, and it has a frame rate of 120fps for better tracking Objects moving at high speed. In this way, users can use the combination of tracking focus and high-speed continuous shooting with more confidence. The screen part of EOSR5 is the same as EOSR, with a 3.2-inch, 2.1-megapixel touch-control rotating screen.

   In addition, Canon EOSR5 provides 10bitHDR photos in HEIF format, which is the same as Canon EOS-1DXMarkIII. The advantage of the HEIF format is that it has excellent photo data retention, and the size of the photo is much smaller than that of the RAW file. That is, EOSR5 supports four image formats: JPG, HEIF, RAW and C-RAW.

  038K 30p and 4K 120p collision

   video performance is one of the core selling points of Canon EOSR5 camera. Although it has been officially announced by Canon, we will tell you about the video performance of EOSR5:

  1, up to 8K 30p video format without cropping, support 4:2:2 10bit Canon Log and 4 :2:2 10bit HDR PQ without in-camera recording, all 8K recording modes support full-pixel dual-core autofocus.

  2, up to 4K 120p video format without cropping, supports 4:2:2 10bit Canon Log and 4:2:2 10bit HDR PQ internal and external recording, all 4K video recording modes support full Pixel dual-core autofocus.

  3, up to 8K 30pRAW non-crop format video, recorded in the camera, and supports full-pixel dual-core autofocus.


Does it smell? Canon EOSR5 is now on the throne, becoming the most powerful civilian-grade camera with video performance. At least 8K 30p non-cropped video and 8K 30pRAW non-cropped short film are the first time they appear on civilian-grade cameras. Previously, Panasonic S1H defeated Sony A7SII and became the civilian-grade camera with the strongest video performance at the time. Now it is Canon EOSR5’s turn.

  The meaning brought by 8K video is just like the meaning when 4K video replaced full HD video before, which fully improved the resolution of the picture, allowing us to watch clearer and richer details in the form of video . And Canon intimately provides a powerful Log curve and H.265 encoding, which can make the video’s tolerance and image quality more outstanding, allowing users to make more professional videos.

   In terms of 4K, the meaning of 4K 120p is to upgrade the video. In the past, cameras generally only supported the highest specification of 4K 60p. In this way, there will be insufficient frames when making upgraded animations, which affects the smoothness of the screen. Therefore, many professional teams can only give up the resolution and shoot full HD 120p videos. Now you can directly record the smoothly upgraded video of 4K specification, which can increase more possibilities for the later material, while also ensuring the clarity of the picture details.

  0420fps full-frame camera capable of continuous shooting

  As a very professional mirrorless camera, Canon EOSR5 also has professional-level capabilities in continuous shooting performance. It supports a continuous shooting speed of up to 12 frames per second with a mechanical shutter and a continuous shooting speed of up to 20 frames per second with an electronic shutter. What is the ability of this continuous shooting speed? Under the electronic shutter, the continuous shooting speed of 20 frames per second has made the continuous shooting playback close to the smoothness of the video.


Canon EOS R5 is the fourth camera after Sony A9, Sony A9 II, and Canon EOS-1DXMarkIII that can achieve a continuous shooting speed of 20fps at full-size output. You must know that the first three are flagship high-speed professional cameras. What’s more difficult is that Canon EOSR5 is a high-pixel full-frame mirrorless camera, that is, every photo of it is a 45-megapixel photo, and the continuous shooting speed of 20fps is really powerful enough.

  Maximum number of continuous shooting:

  JPEG size: about 190;

  HEIF: about 190 Zhang;

  RAW: about 66 pictures;

  C-RAW: about 130 pictures;

  RAW+JPEG: about 64 pictures;

  C-RAW+JPEG large: about 100 pictures;

  RAW+HEIF large: about 61 pictures;

  C-RAW+HEIF large: about 110 pictures.

   Below the level of full pixel specification, to solve such a high continuous shooting speed, it needs very powerful body cache capacity and sufficient processing performance, so Canon EOSR5 this DIGICX processor performs very well Excellent, this continuous shooting capability can also meet the needs of professional users. The positioning is different, and it is certainly not possible to directly compare EOSR5 with EOS-1DXMarkIII.

  05 Body and lens dual anti-shake protection

   As we all know, whether it is taking photos or videos, the higher the resolution, the easier it is for the picture to be blurred due to subtle shake. Canon EOSR5 not only has high pixels, but also 8K video, so shooting stability is very important. In order to give users more possibilities for handheld shooting, Canon EOSR5 has added body anti-shake technology.


Canon EOSR5 has a five-axis body anti-shake technology, this is the first time that Canon camera is equipped with such a powerful anti-shake technology. The body image stabilization is matched with the excellent IS image stabilization technology of Canon RF lens, which can have a better practical effect on double stabilization, and the stabilization can achieve the effect compensation of up to 8 stops. Previously, the anti-shake effect of Olympus cameras was 7.5 stops, Panasonic was 6.5 stops, and Sony A9II reached 5.5 stops.

   In fact, as early as the release of the RF bayonet system, we can see some clues. The RF bayonet has 12 contacts, which is more than the general bayonet system, that is, it has more Good scalability. Now, the collaboration between body anti-shake and lens anti-shake is through these multi-designed contacts to complete the matching.


With this dual anti-shake capability, users are shooting videos daily, especially when shooting videos of specifications such as 8K 30p and 4K 120p, because when the screen resolution is high enough, a slight shake will be magnified. Now EOSR5 can get a more stable picture performance, and you can also use handheld shooting with more confidence.

  06 What other powerful selling points are there?

  The focus system of the current camera is very good, especially when shooting video, it has the ability of human eye/face recognition and focus. Canon EOSR5 has also added an animal detection autofocus technology, which can automatically identify animals. When we usually photograph pets, Canon EOSR5 can track and photograph animals such as cats, dogs, and birds in files, and can identify the body, face or eyes of animals. Among them, bird eye recognition and focus are the first to appear in the camera. With this ability, we can make it easier for the photographer when shooting pets and let Canon EOSR5 complete the focus by themselves.


   Canon EOSR5 uses a brand new battery The design and model is LP-E6NH. This battery has the same size as the previously widely used LP-E6N and is compatible with use. The capacity is 2130mAh, and the battery life is 320 or 490.


In terms of body protection, Canon EOS R5 also has an excellent standard. EOS R5 uses a magnesium alloy body design, so the protection of the body itself is very good. In addition, the seams, buttons and other positions have excellent sealing properties, so they can easily cope with some extreme shooting environments. This is the same as the previous Canon EOS 5DMarkIV SLR camera.


The Wi-Fi transmission capability of Canon EOS R5 has also been improved. For the first time, a wireless LAN transmission standard supporting 5GHz channel is built into Canon camera, which can bring users a faster and more stable transmission environment.

  07 is really fragrant, is your wallet ready?

   The price of Canon EOSR5 has been exposed, the current domestic price is 25,999 yuan, and the launch date is July. For Canon EOSR5 cameras, this price is indeed worth the price. In fact, EOSR5 is much closer to the people than we expected. This time I really saw Canon’s slow sincerity.


For Canon EOSR5, there are many suitable users. First of all, its video capabilities are very professional and can be suitable for professional video teams to purchase; it has high pixels and excellent focusing performance, suitable for landscape photographers and enthusiasts to purchase; it has powerful continuous shooting capabilities, cloud platform image automatic Transmission function and excellent protection are suitable for journalists, sports photographers, and wildlife photographers. Whether it is video or taking photos, this camera is suitable for a wide range of people, because Canon EOSR5 is such a product that is excellent enough to experience all aspects.

  xiang? Is the price a surprise? Are you ready for your wallet?

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