A mountain of luxury cars in Dubai’s “Auto Cemetery”! Is it rich, or is there another hidden story?

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  CCTV Finance “First Time” column video

  There is a huge “car cemetery” in Dubai,

Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren,

  Lamborghini, Maserati,

   is covered with dust and no one cares.

   Is it really Dubai’s riches Oily”?

  In fact,

   The Dubai car scrap rule is quite strict,

  If the car has a traffic accident,

   as long as the airbag burst Once,

   this car must be scrapped.

   In addition,

   some people will be due to speeding, illegal stopping, etc.

  Was punished with high fines,

   is even several times more expensive than the price of the car itself,

   so the car owner will scrap his car.

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