About food photography, you should know these

  If you want to take ideal food photos, the main point is how to make the food look more attractive. On this point, the following elements are indispensable: light, composition, setting, shooting


About food photography, you should know theseThe picture is from Lily Banse

   For shooting food, the ideal light is natural light. If you are shooting at home, you can use window gauze as a soft light prop to soften the light. If you don’t have gauze curtains, you can buy soft light equipment, so the light is very soft. In the case of insufficient natural light, you can use the flash to shoot. The Nikon SB-5000 flash supports the wireless flash function, which can obtain flexible lighting angles, create a variety of lights, and make food photos more possibilities.


About food photography, you should know these

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About food photography, you should know these

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   In fact, the composition of food photography is relatively simpler than the angle of shooting. Most of them are overhead, 45-degree and low-angle. When shooting, we recommend using the triangular composition method, which means that three props are used to form the three visual elements of the picture. This way the picture is stable and interesting, which is a commonly used composition strategy in photography. The center composition is also a commonly used composition method. Placing the subject in the middle of the frame can effectively focus the line of sight and highlight the subject. Generally, when adopting this composition method, I will make the background and the subject’s color have a larger contrast to strengthen the focus. When shooting the central composition, you can appropriately place some smaller props around as decoration, so that the picture is not too monotonous. Due to the strong perspective of low-angle photography, the thickness of the food can be reflected when shooting long foods, and the light can penetrate the food to produce a transparent texture. When shooting drinks, low-angle photography is often chosen. If the interaction between the chef and the food is added, the picture will be more vivid. When shooting, you can use a low-angle shot of the moment the chef sprinkles the seasoning, which is very interesting.


About food photography, you should know these

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   Many people think that shooting food requires a large aperture , In fact, on the contrary, usually use the aperture value around f/4-8, too large aperture will bring too shallow depth of field, making the food lack of overall sense, NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S and NIKKOR Z The 50mm f/1.8 S is a good choice for photographing food. It is not only small in size, but also very sharp. The effect is particularly outstanding when paired with Z 6 and Z 7 mirrorless cameras.


About food photography, you should know these

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   The scenery is more important in food photography It is useful, but it is indeed a link that is easily overlooked. The ideal setting can give food photos its own personality. The flexible use of different materials can make photos have different styles. Tablecloths are ideal materials for scenery. Not only are they inexpensive but also changeable in style, they are also more flexible in use. The use of black backgrounds or dark cement boards will make the food more sophisticated and visually highlight the main status of the food.

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