Added 24 frames of video, Canon EOS M6 Mark II firmware update

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   Canon announced earlier that it will bring 23.98P frame rate filming capabilities to many of its SLR/Mirrorless cameras. Currently, EOS90D and EOSRP have been acquired This firmware update. Recently, Canon launched a firmware update of EOSM6MarkII, the version number is 1.10.

Added 24 frames of video, Canon EOS M6 Mark II firmware update

   Canon EOSM6MarkII

  The new firmware includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  1. The option to shoot movies at a frame rate of 23.98p is newly added.

  2. Fixed the phenomenon that the lens focus position returns to the original position. If the camera power is turned off due to the “Auto power off” setting during the interval timer setting.

  3. Fixed the phenomenon that the camera may not be able to autofocus at the edge of the image area in rare cases.

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   This time, Canon responded to user needs in a relatively timely manner. In addition to EOSM6MarkII, later models including G7XMarkIII and G5XMarkII will receive similar firmware Update. After the update, 4K and FHD will have 24p specification options. In addition to this content, the new firmware also improves the stability of the whole machine.

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