Alipay released a camera: 239 yuan 1080P dual lens

   News on January 9th, today, Alipay and Maker New Products jointly created a children’s smart camera for the movie “The Extraordinary Bugs Team”, which was first released on Taobao crowdfunding. It is 239 yuan and the market price is 369 yuan.

   The Alipay Super Bugs Team children’s smart camera adopts 1080P dual lenses, integrated camera and video, the maximum resolution of 5184×3456 photos, automatic smart focus, simple operation can take clear photos. Support smart delay, easily take a 10-second timed selfie.

Alipay released a camera: 239 yuan 1080P dual lens

The front camera is convenient for taking selfies, equipped with a 2.4-inch color display, and the shooting content is clear at a glance. It provides buttons for switching, taking photos, recording, and replaying, and supports up to 32GB memory card expansion.

  All parts of the camera are made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. The surface is wrapped with anti-drop silicone material, which makes it soft and flexible.

  Built-in 650mAh large battery, it can take about 2000 pictures continuously or take 2-2.5 hours of continuous recording when fully charged, and can be easily charged through power bank, car charger, etc.

   interested can click here to participate in the crowdfunding.

Alipay released a camera: 239 yuan 1080P dual lens

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