Another country after Sweden Foreign media: Italy prevents its telecom group from signing a 5G agreement with Huawei

  Original title: Another country after Sweden…Foreign media: Italy prevents its telecommunications group Fastweb from signing a 5G agreement with Huawei

   according to Reuters On the 24th, the agency quoted two people familiar with the matter as reporting that at a cabinet meeting late Thursday, local time, Italy prevented the country’s telecommunications group Fastweb from signing an agreement with Huawei to supply equipment for its 5G core network.

   Reuters stated that this is the latest sign that Italy has taken a tougher stance on Huawei so far, marking the first time that Italy has vetoed the signing of a 5G core network supply agreement with Huawei.

   reported that an Italian government source told Reuters: “The government vetoed this action and asked Fastweb to diversify its suppliers.”

   Reuters reported in a report that a source in the Prime Minister’s Office said that the Italian government also wanted to assess whether Huawei could play a role in the 5G core network.

   Huawei and Fastweb have not yet commented on this.

   When US Secretary of State Pompeo visited Italy in September this year, he claimed that China’s mobile communications technology poses a threat to Italy’s national security. Huawei strongly denied these allegations at the time, and its Italian subsidiary stated that it was ready to accept any review to prove its technology was safe.

   Although some US allies have previously announced that they will exclude Huawei equipment from the country’s future telecommunications infrastructure construction, Italy has never made a similar statement. However, government and industry sources said that Italy has actually adopted a more obvious “pro-American” policy on the 5G agreement. The Italian government has recently imposed stricter regulations on Chinese 5G suppliers, which has forced companies to Be more cautious when dealing with Huawei.

   Italy was Sweden before.

   On October 20th, the Swedish Postal and Telecommunications Administration announced that it would prohibit companies participating in the 5G spectrum auction next month from using Huawei’s or ZTE’s 5G equipment. Huawei or ZTE equipment must be replaced by early 2025.

   In response to this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a press conference on the 21st that China expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Swiss decision. Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE have strictly abided by local laws for many years, actively promoted Sino-Swiss information and communication technology cooperation, and made positive contributions to the construction of infrastructure in Sweden. The Chinese market is also open to European companies including Sweden. Without any evidence, the Swiss side used national security as an excuse to groundlessly discredit Chinese companies, openly suppress Chinese telecommunications companies, and politicize normal economic cooperation. This approach goes against the principles of free, open, fair, and non-discriminatory market economy pursued by Sweden, and also violates international economic, trade and investment rules. The Swiss side should uphold an objective and fair attitude, correct wrong decisions, and avoid negative impacts on Sino-Swiss economic and trade cooperation and Swiss enterprises’ operations in China.

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