Available in February this year, Nikon releases MC-XQ64G XQD memory card

   Today, in addition to the D780, NIKKOR AF-S120-300mmf/2.8EFLEDSRVR lens, NIKKOR Z70-200mmf/2.8VRS lens and Nikon CoolpixP950 four heavy new products, Nikon also released another XQD storage card. The model of this memory card is MC-XQ64G, with a capacity of 64GB. The current overseas price of this XQD memory card is 129.95 US dollars, or about 905 yuan.

Available in February this year, Nikon releases MC-XQ64G XQD memory card

  Nikon 64GBXQD storage Card

  MC-XQ64G can read and write large files generated by high-resolution digital cameras at read/write speeds of up to 440MB/s and 400MB/s, respectively, reducing the standby time during recording and making photography The teacher can easily focus on shooting. MC-XQ64G is compatible with Nikon digital SLR cameras and mirrorless digital cameras that support XQD memory cards, which can help users reduce the burden in the creative process.

  Main features

   PCIExpress2.0 and USB3.1Gen1 interfaces that can be used for high-speed data transmission

   The reading speed is up to 440M/s, and the writing speed can be Up to 400MB/s, support high-speed continuous shooting and 4K video recording Obviously, in addition to the Nikon body and lens, you can also buy Nikon brand memory cards, which I believe can meet the needs of many loyal Nikon fans.

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