Better experience, Canon launches EOS -1D X Mark III new firmware

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   Canon officially released its flagship SLR in January this year, EOS-1DXMarkIII. This SLR is equipped with a 20.1MP full-frame sensor and supports full-pixel dual-core focusing. The number of AF points has also reached 191 points, the maximum continuous shooting speed can reach 20 frames per second, and 5.4KRAW video can be recorded. At present, Canon has introduced a new firmware of EOS-1DXMarkIII.

Better experience, Canon launches EOS -1D X Mark III new firmware

   Canon EOS- 1DXMarkIII

  The version number of the new firmware is 1.1.0, including the following enhancements and fixes.

   1. Added a new feature for shooting full HD movies and 4KUHD movies at a frame rate of 23.98p Options.

  2. Improved the communication speed when connected via a wired LAN.

  3. Added “browser remote” function.

  4. Added the function of transmitting only protected images.

   5. Fixed the phenomenon that when the electronic level in the “viewfinder display” is set to “display”, in rare cases the AF-ON button or the shutter button cannot operate normally.

  6. Fixed the phenomenon that the custom shooting mode setting may also change when the shooting mode is changed.

  Editor’s point of view

  In addition to bringing a series of new features, the new firmware also solves some of the earlier bugs. I believe it can further enhance the experience of Canon EOS-1DXMarkIII.

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