“Big Brother” in the live broadcast industry sells to Baidu! Negotiations are coming to an end

  Original title: “Big Brother” in the live broadcast industry sold to Baidu! Negotiations are coming to an end Source: Yiouwang

   On October 26, Jiemian News reported that Baidu’s acquisition of YY>Huanju Times’ domestic business negotiations was almost complete . It is reported that the overseas business of YY Live Broadcast is not within the scope of this transaction and will continue to operate independently. Neither Baidu nor YY Live responded to the above news.

   It is reported that YY live broadcast belongs to the YY entertainment department of Huanju Era, and is the “big brother” of the domestic online video broadcasting industry. Currently, YY Live is one of China’s largest real-time entertainment platforms, including music, technology, outdoor, sports, games, etc., with about 1 billion registered users and 122 million monthly active users.

   Actually, on the evening of October 23rd, YY internal employees posted on Maimai that YY Live is going to sell to Baidu. At noon on the same day, Li Xueling, Chairman and CEO of Huanju Group, also posted a message in the circle of friends, saying that before, he focused on fighting and always wanted to win. In the future, we must focus on providing value to others and accomplish tasks that seem impossible.

"Big Brother" in the live broadcast industry sells to Baidu! Negotiations are coming to an end

   Affected by this rumor, on the 23rd, Huanju Times rose by more than 10% before the market. As of the close of the day, Huanju Times’ stock price was US$85.13, an increase of 5.22%, and its market value reached US$6.879 billion. So, why is YY Live selling to Baidu at this time? From an analysis point of view, the two parties not only fit in content, but also complement each other in terms of flow and capital.

   In September 2020, Tencent purchased 30 million Class B ordinary shares of Huya from Huanju Times, with a total purchase price of US$810 million in cash, which was converted into RMB 5 billion. , And plans to merge Huya with Douyu and Penguin gaming. It is conceivable that Tencent, which itself has a leading position in the game field, is bound to set off a storm in the game live broadcast industry.

  , as the age of hustle and bustle, its status in the live broadcast field is also at stake. YY Live, which is known for its entertainment, chose to combine with Baidu at this time, which can basically be regarded as mutual support at the content level.

   On the one hand, YY live broadcast has content, anchors, and rich experience in the pan-entertainment live broadcast industry, while Baidu now focuses on entertainment live broadcasts. The two are very important in the later content integration. Convenience; On the other hand, Baidu Tieba Live and other Baidu products can provide a large number of user resources for YY Live, helping it save expensive drainage costs.

   At present, traditional live broadcast platforms lack user traffic, and new live broadcast platforms lack influence. With the entry of Douyin and Kuaishou into the live broadcast, the impact of short videos on the traditional live show will have a huge impact, and the phenomenon of attracting a large number of users and anchors is no longer a problem. And now if YY is acquired by Baidu, relying on the advantages of the live broadcast of the Internet PC terminal, it may reverse the status quo of “left behind” on both sides.

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