Body + lens dual anti-shake Canon new anti-shake patent exposure

   On the current RF mount micro-single, one thing that has been criticized by many users is that the EOSR body does not have body anti-shake. There have also been rumors that Canon will be equipped with anti-shake in the next generation of mirrorless cameras. Recently, foreign media has once again exposed a Canon patent, which may indicate that Canon will support dual anti-shake in the future.

Body + lens dual anti-shake Canon new anti-shake patent exposure

   Canon dual protection Patent image of shaking

   This patent image clearly shows the dual image stabilization function, which includes sensor shift image stabilization, which is what we call body image stabilization; and lens-based image stabilization, the system Or called DualIS. The system can be used not only in video, but also in shooting still images. With lens-based, sensor-based and digital image stabilization, users will be able to obtain smooth video clips from the camera.

  Editorial view

   In fact, such a dual anti-shake function is not a novelty, and it has already been put into commercial use on models of Panasonic and other brands. But the exposure of related patents also shows Canon’s own technical reserves, and we also expect this technology to be applied to Canon’s new micro-single models as soon as possible.

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