Bosch China and Alibaba reach a strategic cooperation, the first to access Alibaba’s commercial operating system

   On October 27, 2020, Alibaba Group and Bosch China announced a comprehensive strategic partnership. The two parties will conduct comprehensive cooperation in digital retail and marketing, innovative operation models, full-link consumer operations, and enterprise digital management, and carry out digital transformation through Alibaba’s business operating system and the corresponding digital operation capabilities of Alibaba’s digital economy And upgrades, intelligence drives Bosch’s business to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Bosch will become the first international top automotive technology and home appliance industry giant to access Alibaba’s commercial operating system.

   On the 27th, Chen Yudong, President of Bosch Group China, and Jing Jie, Vice President of Alibaba Group, attended the signing ceremony held in Hangzhou.

   Alibaba Group Vice President, Enterprise Service System Secretary-General Jing Jie stated at the signing that Bosch is one of the world’s leading industrial manufacturing companies. Since its establishment 130 years ago, the company has continued to provide consumers with high-quality products and services in the fields of automotive technology, industrial manufacturing, household appliances, and smart technology. In the digital age, the century-old Bosch has also become the benchmark for corporate digital transformation, and is the first industrial giant to access Alibaba’s commercial operating system. Alibaba’s business operating system, with its consumer-centric, big data-driven, cross-business and multi-scenario operating model, helps Bosch achieve end-to-end digital operations, serve consumers more efficiently, and achieve faster business growth for Bosch in China.

   The German-based Bosch Group entered the Chinese market as early as 1909. Today, China has become the largest overseas market of the Bosch Group for the fifth consecutive year.

  As the world’s leading technology and service provider, the Bosch Group’s current business covers automotive and intelligent transportation technology, industrial technology, consumer electronics, and energy and construction technology. It operates two international companies, Bosch and Siemens home appliances. A well-known brand, and has been ranked among the top 100 companies in Fortune in the world for many years.

   Bosch Group China President Chen Yudong said that in the digital age, digital transformation has become the basis for shaping the competitive advantages in the industrial and consumer sectors, and is also the core direction of China’s future new economic development. Based on the profound technology and experience accumulated in traditional business, Bosch is actively transforming and developing into an IoT enterprise by combining software, big data and artificial intelligence technologies. The cooperation with Alibaba Group in digital transformation and upgrading will help Bosch better understand the consumer needs and behaviors of Chinese users and provide better products, services and experiences in a more effective way.

   Alibaba business operating system is based on the ecosystem of Alibaba’s digital economy. It can provide partners with global insights, global membership connections, multi-end and cross-scenario applications, and data middle-office capabilities Enterprises gain new growth capabilities and potential.

   This means that from new product research and development, to merchandise retail, from membership system operations to product marketing, Bosch can get the full link cost reduction and efficiency increase by connecting to the Alibaba business operating system.

   It is reported that the strategic cooperation between the two parties will cover the main business areas of Bosch China, including household appliances, power tools, automotive aftermarket services, thermal technology, smart technology, and automotive technology businesses, etc., and jointly stimulate Alibaba’s digital economy More than ten business areas in the body.

   In addition, the two parties will also explore cooperation opportunities in the field of Internet of Vehicles. Alibaba has deep technology accumulation and forward-looking commercial and technical layout in this field. Bosch is the world’s leading automotive and intelligent transportation technology and service provider. The two parties will work in the fields of intelligent high-speed, unmanned distribution and intelligent cockpit. Tap the potential for cooperation.

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