Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

   SLR cameras have existed for decades, especially in the early film era. Our domestic SLR cameras have had many glories. Digital SLR cameras have also existed for nearly 30 years. The mirrorless camera has just passed its tenth birthday. One is a veteran who has been on the battlefield for many years, and the other is a new-generation warrior. When buying a camera, should I choose a SLR or a mirrorless camera?

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

  What are the advantages of SLR over micro-single?

  1, good controllability, strong professionalism

  2, better battery life

  3, optical viewfinder, faster capture of emergencies


  4, full of mechanical sense

  5, more powerful lens group and accessories

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

What are the advantages of    Micro-SLR over SLR?

  1, remove the reflector and pentaprism, lighter and smaller

  2, the number of focus points has increased significantly

  3, the continuous shooting speed has been improved Obviously

  4, video performance is better

  5, WYSIWYG electronic viewfinder

  6, support USB charging

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

  Only Canon, Nikon, and Pentax SLRs remain on the market

  Only Canon, Nikon and Pentax are the only manufacturers of SLR cameras, and Pentax has only a handful of models to choose from, and they are very small and can be ignored. At present, Canon and Nikon have dozens of SLRs on sale, from entry-level kits under 3,000 yuan to flagship-level fuselages around 50,000 yuan.

   Except for a small number of enthusiasts who choose flagship SLRs ranging from 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, the vast majority of photography enthusiasts are buying within 20,000 yuan.

   Judging from the current purchase situation, buyers of SLR cameras mainly choose mid-to-high-end APS-C format products of 5000-10000 yuan, or high-end full-frame cameras of 15000-20,000 yuan.

   Mirrorless camera has a wide range of options

   Mirrorless camera, currently the main manufacturers are Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus, Leica, etc. It can be said that it covers most image brands. The price range also ranges from entry-level suits in the early 2000s to mid-format fuselages at around 60,000.

   For ordinary home users, non-photographers, student parties, and travel enthusiasts, it is very suitable to buy a mirrorless camera with APS-C format. The price range is from 2000 yuan to 8000 yuan. If you only record photos, a mirrorless camera of RMB 2,000-RMB 4,000 is sufficient; if you want better performance, you can refer to mid-to-high-end models of RMB 5,000-8,000.

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

   For enthusiasts, the full-frame micro-single is currently covered With Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma, the general price ranges from 12,000 to 20,000 yuan for users to choose from. The types of products also have high speed, high image quality, high pixels, video and other aspects.

How to choose   ? The author is more inclined to recommend the micro-single

   Seeing this, I believe that many old camera players can’t bear the feelings in their hearts. Of course, they should buy a SLR camera. Why would you recommend the micro-single? ! That’s because everyone’s concept of micro-single is still around 2009-2012.

   SLR cameras are indeed excellent, and after decades of development, both film and digital are highly mature. To be honest, it has reached a bottleneck period and it is difficult to improve significantly. Now the biggest advantage of SLR cameras is battery life and lens group.

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

   SLR cameras, especially full-frame SLR cameras, generally have a battery The battery life ranges from 1500-2000 sheets. At present, the battery life of most mirrorless cameras is around 500 frames, and even the full-frame mirrorless cameras with large-capacity batteries have a battery life of only over 1,000 frames. Fortunately, the mirrorless camera generally supports USB charging, and you can use a mobile power supply to “remain” the camera when you go out.

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

  In terms of lens groups, SLR cameras developed early, Canon and Nikon The original lens itself is extremely rich in types and specifications, coupled with the support of Japanese subsidiary factories such as Tamron and Sigma, and a large wave of domestic lens manufacturers, there are only lens specifications that users can’t think of, and there is no one that cannot be bought.

   Looking back at the lens group of mirrorless lenses, the number of APS-C format mirrorless lens groups is very small. Except for Sony’s own lens types and specifications, other brands cannot be said to be rich, but the mainstream specifications are covered. .

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

   I took the very popular full-frame micro-order in the past two years In other words, the fuselage is very powerful, but the number of lens groups has just started, so the number of lenses that can be purchased by major brands is very rare, so the shooting needs of many users cannot be met at this stage. Therefore, the current solution is to switch to the previous SLR lens.

   In addition to the above two points, in fact, there is no obvious difference between the current mirrorless cameras and SLR cameras.

   The focus system, control experience, viewfinder mode, etc. of the previously criticized mirrorless camera have now been fully developed.

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

   The current micro-single focus is not a problem at all, comparable to a SLR It’s not just empty talk. The face/eye recognition on the mirrorless camera is even more accurate than that of the DSLR. After all, the mirrorless camera is an electronic-based camera type.

   In terms of control, in addition to the rich buttons and dials of Mirror, the Mirror is generally equipped with a very good flip touch screen. After all, touch is the current better human-computer interaction mode. Seeing that the SLR camera also learned to add touch operation to the mirrorless single.

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

  , it’s framing again. Mirrorless is electronic viewfinder, what you see is what you get, so it will be more accurate when adjusting the parameters. This point I prefer electronic viewfinder instead of optical viewfinder of SLR camera. In addition, when shooting against the light, the optical viewfinder will allow direct sunlight to come in and hurt your eyes. An electronic viewfinder is more suitable.

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

   In terms of video, this is the strength of Weidan. After all, video It is the product of electronization. The mirrorless camera is more suitable for recording video due to its electronic structure design. And a major selling point of the current mirrorless camera is the video shooting ability, whether it is entry-level or professional-level.

   In fact, whether it is an entry-level APS-C format camera or a high-end full-frame camera, I recommend everyone to buy a mirrorless camera. The current mirrorless camera is already a highly developed electronic product. In terms of shooting ability and image quality, controllability, video, etc., the mirrorless camera can do it. Why not choose the mirrorless camera?

Buying a camera is to choose SLR or micro-single

   Actually, a very small number of users currently have more SLR cameras Depending on, for example, professional photographers, a more stable mechanical structure is required. It is correct to choose a full-frame SLR camera such as 5D4 and D850. For another example, professional sports reporters and news reporters need 1DX and D5 flagship SLR cameras. For most users, the mirrorless camera is enough to meet everyone’s needs.

   According to the attitude of major camera manufacturers, the future will definitely focus on the development of mirrorless cameras. It can be seen from the planning roadmaps of major brands that SLR cameras will not stop changing, but Will slow down, and mirrorless cameras are the mainstream products in the future. Therefore, if you buy a camera now, you can’t go wrong with a mirrorless camera.

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