Can you introduce the effects of common lens filters?

  Filters are an indispensable accessory in landscape photography, but there are so many types of filters on the market that new users are often confused. First of all, what is a lens filter? In photography, filters can control light entering the lens and even enhance color. What are the common effects?

Can you introduce the effects of common lens filters?

   Polarizer: a kind of polarizer that can help us reduce reflections and increase the picture Contrast, and filters that enhance color saturation are called polarizers. There are two main types of common polarizers: the first is a linear polarizer, which is usually used in non-SLR cameras; the second is the familiar circular polarizer, which is often used in SLR cameras. According to our preferences and actual needs, polarized lenses can give us a more obvious improvement in the visual effects of photos.

   Hard gradient medium gray gradient lens: The medium gray gradient lens is mainly used to balance the exposure in high contrast scenes. When we need to shoot a landscape with brighter sky and darker ground, this filter can avoid overexposure of the sky or underexposure of the ground. Hard gradation is suitable for scenes where the boundary between the sky and the earth is obvious, such as shooting a desert with a relatively flat horizon.

   soft gradient mid-gray gradient lens: it can control the amount of light entering a partial scene to achieve the purpose of balancing the picture exposure. The latitude of the human eye is much higher than that of a digital camera. We can see the details of the blue sky and white clouds and the shadows of the ground at the same time, but the camera cannot do this. With the gray gradient lens, the picture can be closer to the naked eye Effect.

Can you introduce the effects of common lens filters?

  Color filter: love color and all things related to color It can be said to be one of the salient characteristics of a photographer. Color filters have the functions of color correction, color reorganization and color enhancement. It is very suitable for photographers who want to correct or add color to the images and videos they take.

  Cool and warm filters: Cool and warm filters are not only suitable for correcting those unreal colors, but also can be used to change the color temperature of the original image, adding cold or warm to the picture Tune. While changing the white balance, this filter can also help us transform the mood and atmosphere of the photo.

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